Healthcare businesses need to pay attention to content more than practically any other. That’s because patients are deeply interested in the medical support they receive. 

But what type of content should you be including, exactly? Let’s take a look. 

Narrative Content

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People love great stories, but they can be difficult to write in a healthcare context. Most blogs focus on treatments or tips for what people should do to improve their health. 

Narrative content should focus on a particular patient’s story (you don’t have to include their name). You could also talk about yourself as the subject and the things you’ve learned as a healthcare enterprise. It could even be your story about how you got to where you are now. 

FAQ Posts

FAQ posts are important for healthcare startups for a couple of reasons. First, they stop people from calling you all the time to ask mundane questions. But, more importantly than that, they solve customer queries immediately so your clients don’t waste time phoning you for answers. In many cases, providing an FAQ page actually prompts prospective customers to get the answers to questions they would never have thought of asking. 

News And Trends

According to, customers love getting the latest news and trends. And nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare space. People want to get the low-down on the latest treatments and find out more about innovations in technology. They are acutely interested in what’s coming next down the pike so that it can benefit them personally. 


Customers want to read reviews of healthcare startups because they want assurance that they are trusting their health to the right company. Remember that more than 90 percent of customers now depend on reviews to determine whether they should use your firm or not.

Reading positive, validated reviews shows that you are an adequate healthcare provider. The more third-party testimonials you can link about your company, the better. 


If you have the budget for it, your startup might want to invest in ebooks. Writing these is beneficial for a couple of reasons. The first is that they let you provide your customers with educational guides on what to expect from your services. Ebooks go in-depth, answering all sorts of questions about what you do and what they can expect from treatment. The second is that books give you more authority. If you can create content that no one else has, that immediately puts you at a distinct advantage versus your competitors. 

Video Blogs

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Video blogs aren’t particularly common right now, but they are certainly popular among prospective clients and customers. A video is a great option because it gives your audience a chance to meet with you personally and get to know you. It’s hard for them to really feel an affinity to your firm if they are reading text, but if they can see you on-screen, it becomes much easier. 

You can use video for all sorts of things, such as tips for dealing with disease, explanations of your business model, and so on.

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