Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT is a procedure created in order to allow people to breathe pure oxygen. Breathing air with high levels of oxygen that has, at the same time, higher pressure than the normal one has been proved to be extremely beneficial in curing diseases and helping to recover quickly from others. We need to know from the start that HBOT is not a medical procedure and everyone using it must consult their doctor before starting the therapy.

Some might think that this procedure is a new one, but the truth is that the first studies of hyperbaric medicines have ancient roots. Later on, specific studies of HBOT appeared, covering subjects like the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in autistic children, HBOT for Rett syndrome, the relevance of hyperbaric oxygen, and many others. But who are the people that need this kind of therapy and how does it work? Let’s find out together.

HBOT – what is it and how does it work?

We already know what HBOT stands for, so let’s find out what it actually is. Oxygen therapy is usually used to increase the oxygen levels in someone’s body. In order to do that, people created a chamber where you can lay down and breathe pure oxygen at a higher pressure. The pressure being higher, oxygen flows rapidly into our bloodstream, making the mitochondria produce more ATP giving our body more energy to function.

Usually, when we suffer from a certain disease or when we get injured, more oxygen is needed in order to recover faster and prevent further infections. This does not mean that every time we get a small cut, we would need extremely high oxygen levels in our blood. We talk about serious injuries like severe burns and injuries just like the ones that athletes suffer from.

Who is most likely to try the oxygen therapy and why?

Usually, people that search for a place where they can enjoy oxygen therapy are the ones that know for a fact that it is good for our general health. Breathing pure oxygen is clearly a way in which every person can benefit. Some use it to reduce stress and fatigue while others want to make sure they will age well. The lack of oxygen in our bodies takes down our immune system and we all know that in the times we live in we must be as strong as possible to fight new diseases and the effect of pollution on our planet. This is also one reason why the word HBOT reached a greater number of people lately.

Doctors also recommend HBOT for people suffering from degenerative diseases. The cause for this was discovered in the 1900s and we find the proof in the work of a Nobel Prize winner in medicine. Dr. Otto Warburg said that “the fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases is a condition called hypoxia, oxygen deprival at the cellular level”.

Besides having degenerative diseases, there are some more categories of people that tend to be prone to using this kind of therapy:

People suffering from sports injuries

There is nothing new in the fact that people who do sports, no matter of their professional level, will suffer from a lot of small or major injuries. When you practice a sport, you have constant workouts and trainings. In order to be ready for competitions you need to be in the best shape possible, so what happens if you get injured during your training process? When you suffer from a minor injury you can go back to your practices in no time, but when the injury is worse you are instantly put to rest and recover. Sometimes, by doing this you waste precious time and may even lose important competitions. This is why every athlete and their trainers always look for ways in which they can shorten the recovery time.

One of the practices they started using is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Breathing pure oxygen increases the oxygen levels in the arteries and in that way healing times are naturally increased. At the same time, higher levels of oxygen in our body can prevent and reduce the risk of future similar injuries, and this way, athletes are not likely to miss any important competition.

Practicing sports means huge responsibility and care for oneself. No matter how much we take care of what we do, accidents happen, sometimes from our fault and sometimes without us knowing why. These accidents lead to minor or major injuries, both of which can be healed faster using HBOT. Some of these types of injuries are contusions, different kinds of fractures, strains, but also deep wounds, traumatic brain injury, or cartilage damage.

People that need faster wound healing

As we already mentioned before, higher levels of oxygen in our arteries help the body recover from different kinds of injuries. Until now we only discussed the types of injuries that appear in the life of a person that practices sports. But does oxygen also work for other types of wounds? The answer is yes. Our bodies do not always know exactly what kind of wound we suffer from. It only knows that somewhere there is an injured tissue, for example.

HBOT or no HBOT, oxygen plays a really important role in wound healing. It is tested that a simple wound heals faster in a zone of low relief than it does in a mountain area. Why? Air pressure is lower at the mountain and we do not get enough oxygen.

Higher oxygen levels can help one person heal burns faster and also reduce side effects of the burn itself. We all know that suffering from severe burns leads to a really long process that involves lots of medical procedures that can cost a lot of money and time. While doing the medical recovery, we can also ask our doctors if hyperbaric oxygen can help us and, in that way, we can earn some time and money and have our burn heal faster.

Elder people and people that need this therapy for health improvement and anti-aging

To some people, anti-aging non-medical solutions can sound like magic, but we assure you it is not that. How can a simple gas like oxygen have benefits that sound like they are ideas taken from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? Oxygen really has hidden powers and it has been scientifically proven that HBOT can:

  • Build new collagen, skin, and tissues
  • Increase brain oxygenation
  • Increase the blood flow in our body
  • Give more oxygen to muscles, bones, and tissues.

So why try a lot of expensive procedures for trying to look young when you can just breathe and oxygen will do the rest of the work for you. HBOT can help you look younger and think better. Pure oxygen has the power of repairing cerebral insults that tend to slow our brains and it can also reduce pain and swelling in our bones and muscles, things that both young and old people suffer from.

Where we can find these therapy chambers and how can we use them?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy it’s starting to get more popular all around the globe. We can start finding manufacturers that provide us with both the chamber and the right person to take care of the entire process and, at the same time, we can choose to have a hyperbaric chamber in the comfort of our own house. One reliable manufacturer of premium hyperbaric chambers, with a low footprint, safe, and reliable that offered amazing results for its users is OxyHelp. On their website (oxyhelp.com) you can fill out a form that allows you to order one of their hbot chambers or to talk with a sales representative about your needs. You don’t have to worry about the shipping because they have worldwide delivery and installation. On the same website, you can find all the information you might need before deciding if this kind of therapy can help you and if it’s worth buying.