Greater access to the internet has changed how businesses operate and conduct themselves. Digital marketing has now taken the world by storm with everyone going digital. It doesn’t matter what industry, not having a digital footprint is a deal-breaker. With early 90% of US adults looking for healthcare information online, the healthcare industry also needs to adopt digital marketing already. If they don’t, there’s very little that can be done to save them.


The pandemic has changed many things over the past few years. One of the biggest changes brought about as a result of the pandemic is the increasing speed at which businesses have gone online. With more and more consumers preferring to get products and services through the internet, it became a matter of survival for many industries to quickly adapt to the changing consumer behavior.

As a result of the rapid digitization seen in the past few years, digital marketing has boomed. One of the most quickly growing industries, digital marketing is helping businesses reach their intended audience on the internet.

For the healthcare industry, adopting these changes has been slow. First facing the pandemic itself took much of their resources, only to find the world has changed rapidly in terms of the business environment. But still, early adopters have found massive success in using digital marketing.

Though thousands remain unconvinced about digital marketing in healthcare. Here’s where we tell you why you might be underestimating the power of digital marketing.

Why digital marketing is crucial

Do you know where adults go first when they’re looking for medical information? It’s not healthcare providers if that’s what you are thinking. No, most US adults turn to the internet as one of their first sources of medical information. Even before the pandemic, Google received over 1 billion search queries regarding medical information – each day. Since the pandemic, the number is only thought to have increased much higher than before.

Even assuming that just 1% of those search queries are from the US, that’s nearly 10 million searches daily that are directed towards the resources available online. And who is answering these questions? Other healthcare organizations have already invested in digital marketing and having a digital presence.

Digital marketing is crucial because it opens up your healthcare practice to receiving the attention of millions through very simple actions that have years of impact. Just having a website that is optimized for showing up in the first few results on the Google search results can increase your business’ growth exponentially. Those thousands of clicks from adults that want questions about their medical problems answered can result in hundreds of new patients, a fraction of the traditional cost of patient acquisition.

For a clinic of healthcare practice that doesn’t have the same resources as a large medical organization, the ability of digital marketing to give massive returns on the investments made allows them to thrive in a competitive market. If your $500 digital marketing campaign gains you 10 new patients, the same result as a large healthcare organization’s $10,000 traditional marketing campaign, then your business is the one coming out on top.

Digital marketing for doctors in US allows them to concentrate less on administrative and advertising burdens while focusing more on the healthcare service that they are providing. While smaller clinics and providers do not have the resources to hire a dedicated digital marketing team, the opening up of global markets allows them the opportunity to partner with experts across the world and hire agencies that can match their budget and goals.

Benefits of digital marketing

In case you are still not convinced, let us list some of the benefits of digital marketing for a healthcare provider.

  1. High return on investment compared to traditional marketing
  2. Lower patient acquisition costs and add new patients
  3. Increased competitive advantage in a changing environment
  4. Less resource-intensive
  5. Improves patient engagement and experiences
  6. Creates strong brand authority and image
  7. Leads to wider brand recognition and brand evangelism
  8. Creates a loyal customer base

There are many more benefits that digital marketing can bring to your healthcare business depending on the exact requirements that you have. Digital marketing is the future of the healthcare industry and choosing not to adopt digital marketing is shooting your business in the foot.


As the world goes increasingly digital, it becomes impossible for healthcare businesses not to have a digital presence. More and more patients start their healthcare journey online, and without a digital presence, your healthcare business loses these patients to competitors.

With the use of digital marketing, not only is your healthcare business able to connect with these patients but your business can also high ROI marketing strategies that result in more growth.

Digital marketing used to be a marketing avenue only left for a select segment and niche of the economy, but the digital revolution has changed the way that businesses work and conduct business. This is true for the healthcare industry as well. Succeeding without digital marketing today while possible is incredibly hard. It’s not just a matter of enjoying the advantages offered through digital marketing, but also bringing your business on par with competitors who have already adopted digital marketing.

No matter your experience with digital marketing, BraveLabs can be your partner to transform your healthcare business into the digital age. From digital marketing services for doctors to patient journey management, find out how we can help your business grow in these changing times.

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