If you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the (medical) curtain to see what your doctor’s life is like—and the true advice they offer their friends—following these social media accounts is a necessity. These health specialists not only give important information in their respective disciplines, but they also inspire and bring personality into the medical industry. Here are the 10 finest health professionals to follow on social media right now, from a cardiologist who sings about heart health to a gynecologist who gives honest answers to your top questions regarding infant formula.

First, you should meet with Stacy De-Lin, MD

Dr. De-Lin is an NYC-based family care doctor providing the knowledge you need to keep safe during the pandemic, whether you want to stay up to date on the latest news on COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs, see interviews with specialists on the frontlines, or get suggestions on how to effectively use your mask.

On her Instagram, you’ll find useful, simple Reels like “COVID Incubation: A Story” and “Quarantine Rules.” Dr. De-Lin characterizes herself as a board-certified physician, vegan, and queer—as well as an advocate for evidence-based medicine.

Dietitians and proponents of intuitive eating Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

The “Intuitive Eating” movement was popularized by Evelyn and Elyse, who has established successful career in this field. With their rigorously nutritious suggestions, two dieticians and nutritionists named Evelyn and Elyse specialize in making it easier for people to begin eating intuitively. Their groundbreaking book, Intuitive Eating, lays out the 10 tenets of their mind-body strategy for achieving peace and freedom with food and body—a private process that helps individuals to reconnect with their own inner wisdom about eating.

What is Nishan Pressley, OD?

Think about subscribing to this Instagram account: Orlando optometrist Dr. Nish offers eye-healthy advice, such as the best holiday foods to eat for eye health and warning signs of dry eye, and was named to the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Top 30 Under 30 list. While advocating for equal pay for Black women and diversity in the optometry profession, Dr. Nish also provides first-hand patient experiences and disease prevention guidance.

One of the best is David Sinclair

Dr. David Sinclair name got connected with longevity and healthy aging as a result of recent work by his lab and him. In his already well-known book “Lifespan: Why We Age- And Why We Don’t Have To,” Sinclair discusses aging as a disease. In this book, he explains how and why people age, how it may be slowed, and how old age might be postponed or even turned off for indefinitely long decades.

Dr. Sinclair boldly asserts that those who live in a healthy society will soon see a 50 percent or more increase in life expectancy. Today, living for 100 years is a feasible goal, and the aging process can be easily managed with each advance in science and technology.

Dr. Megan Rossi is the Gut Health Doctor

Megan is a world-renowned nutrition expert in gut-friendly diets and research. She is renowned as “The Gut Health Doctor” and is both motivating and vibrant. Megan will keep you informed of the latest fad-free health and nutrition news. Megan holds a Ph.D. in gut health, which was recognized for its scientific contribution by receiving the Dean’s Award for distinguished research. She works as a registered dietician and nutritionist. She founded The Gut Health Clinic in London, where she leads a team of dieticians that specialize in gut health. She founded her own gut health food company, Bio&Me, in order to bridge the gap between research and the food industry.

Tim Spector is a genetics professor, author, and ZOE Nutrition co-founder

Tim is a well-known nutrition and gut microbiome researcher, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, director of the twin research department at St Thomas’ Hospital, and co-founder of ZOE. He is in charge of the world’s largest scientific nutrition research, which has shown that even identical twins react differently to the same meals. He is a prolific writer who has authored several popular science books and writes a regular blog about genetics, epigenetics, and, most recently, microbiota and diet (The Diet Myth: The real science behind what we eat). He is in high demand as a public speaker and often appears in the media. More information may be found on Tim Spector’s website.

Alissa Rumsey is a Wellness Nutritionist

Alissa, a licensed dietitian from New York City, writes to various national publications, writing on food, nutrition, and diet culture. Unapologetic Eating author, certified strength and conditioning specialist, intuitive eating counselor, and food and body liberation coach As a result, she is an excellent resource for anybody trying to include exercise into their lives without focusing on weight reduction or cosmetic objectives. Her Instagram also has a plethora of motivating materials – so much healthy eating, and body-positive deliciousness crammed into one lovely area on the web!

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