There are few experiences that will truly expand your perspective; surrogacy has to be high on such a list. While bringing life into the world is a selfless unique experience for all women who have been there, it is a whole new experience to do so on behalf of another couple.

Surrogacy is challenging and naturally, if you are considering becoming a surrogate you would be wondering, how much does a surrogate make? Adequate fair compensation is a critical component of successful surrogacy so you need to know the following before embarking on surrogacy.

  • It is an intense process emotionally and physically

Financial matters aside, surrogacy is not a walk in the park, and even with attractive compensation, it is hardly a way to make money so if the goal is solely financial you will run into difficulties grappling with the emotional and physical hurdles involved.

Along with the challenges that come with traditional pregnancy, the process involves medication and health procedures well before implantation has occurred. Absorb as much information on fertility as you can.

Medico-legal protocols must be attended to in the process all of which can create a mental and emotional burden for a surrogate.

The fact because pregnancy and childbirth do not end once the baby is born, as a surrogate you must contend with postpartum issues such as health care and psycho-social support.

Surrogacy is not just a physical process but also hormonal, emotional, and psychological.

  • Have a comprehensive medical cover

There are risks associated with every medical procedure and surrogacy is no exception. The complications that could arise as a result of this arrangement could further complicate your healthcare needs during this time.

Unforeseen conditions caused or exacerbated by surrogacy can come up and may not be covered sufficiently under the contract forcing you to find alternative means to access care. A comprehensive medical insurance cover should be top on your list of priorities when considering surrogacy.

  • Partner with a licensed surrogacy agency

A licensed experienced agency should mediate surrogacy between you and the intended parents. To select a great surrogacy agency some factors must be weighed including the length of experience and their legal capacity.

Many women have fallen prey to exploitation due to financial vulnerability and without a mediating body to protect their financial and legal interests as well as their dignity during the process, they have been taken advantage of.

Do not get tempted to do this on your own. There are way too many risks that are not worth the journey. Bank on a smooth process with an agency that understands the process and protects the parties involved.


Surrogacy is a labor of selflessness regardless of compensatory benefits. In a successful surrogacy journey, the sacrifice borne by the surrogate fulfills the crushing desire for a child that the intended parents have endured possibly for years!

The inability to have children is a torment that many couples often find no recourse for and surrogacy is certainly one of the best if not the best solution for these couples who only want a family.