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Orthopedic injuries don’t discriminate and can affect anyone and everyone at any time and place. No matter how rich or comfortable you are with your luxurious life, you still have a high chance of getting an injury.

Despite that, orthopedic injuries can easily be avoidable, if you were to follow these strict protocols.

5 Common Orthopedic Injuries

These are 5 common orthopedic Injuries that you should be wary of:

Strains and Sprains

Sprains occur when you’ve damaged a ligament, most commonly found in wrists or ankles while strains occur when you’ve injured a muscle or tendon.

If your work requires an arduous amount of muscle exertion like lifting, then you must be wary of overexerting yourself. Sprains are categorized into 3 grades, based on their intensity.

A 1st grade is when you have stretched your ligament, the 2nd grade is when there is a moderate tear in your injury, while the last and 3rd grade is when your ligaments have completely torn.


Fracture is another term for broken bones. This is caused by a forcible impact on your bones, causing them to tear and break from the severity of the accident.

When there is a sudden numbness and pain that shoots through your body that is most likely a symptom of a fracture. It is also easily recognizable if you spot a deformity in one of your limbs. This may pose a challenge for your affected body part to move at a certain angle since the pain can be extremely excruciating.

Older people are prone to this injury. With their old age, weaker bones are more at risk of experiencing fractures and developing into serious medical conditions.


Dislocations occur when your joint is moved away from its normal position. This could be caused by a violent impact, such as car crashes or rowdy fights. The most common areas in your body that are prone to dislocations are your elbows, ankles, and hips.

Once you have dislocated a joint, it is advisable to go seek medical help immediately. You will experience extreme pain and swelling in the affected area, and if not treated sooner, it could affect you permanently.

Back Injuries

This type of injury is more commonly found in office work areas, such as computer desk jobs or accounting. Back injuries are caused when an individual maintains a bad posture for an excessive amount of time, thus increasing their chances of an injury.

However, if you struggle with mild back pain, perhaps chiropractors or physical therapists can help you out. You can easily find chiropractors in cities, from Waterloo to Toronto, who can assist you with your injury, and hopefully prevent any permanent damage to your back.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow injury is most common for professionals that utilize their dominant hand for a long period. Professions such as artists, carpenters, bodybuilders, and even tennis players (hence the origin of its name) are susceptible to this.

This injury stems from the overexertion of your dominant hand, thus straining the muscle that is connected to your elbow point. The pain can be mild at first, but if you continue to ignore the symptoms of your injury, it will get increasingly more painful. So, if you want to get relief from your tennis elbow injury, you can consider consulting the best elbow doctor in Orlando.

When the effects have become severe, you will find it difficult to do regular mundane activities, such as carrying a bag of groceries, drinking a glass of water, or even something as simple as lifting a pen.

When the initial effects have surfaced, it is best to take a day off and rest until the pain has subsided.

Preventing Orthopedic Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries are easily avoidable if more people are aware of their surroundings, especially in dangerous workplaces. Factory workers are more prone to injuries since they are constantly surrounded by all sorts of dangerous machinery.

Conducting daily check-ups on your equipment and gadgets can help avoid any serious accidents from occurring in your workspace. Purchasing helpful equipment such as oil mist collectors from Ontario will create a safe workspace environment to prevent accidents.

Even engaging in simple yet efficient exercises can go a long way. Try conducting light warm-ups before jumping into the activity. Doing a few stretches right after you wake up, or simply fixing your posture when you work on your desk can effectively reduce the likelihood of a back injury.

Orthopedic injuries are unfortunately very common, especially at work. To prevent such injuries, it is always best that you must prioritize your physical welfare before all else. Moreover, If you’re looking for an orthopedic specialist with the latest knowledge and techniques, Modern Orthopeadics in New Jersey is the place to go.

However, if your injury is caused by sheer recklessness in your workspace, try contacting a personal injury lawyer from North York to immediately deal with this issue. Even cases such as accidents in the office, due to poor equipment, can easily get legal assistance especially if they have caused serious damage to your body and health.