Getting involved and suffering injuries in an auto accident can be both frightening and overwhelming at the same time. There is nothing worse than the trauma that’s induced because of someone’s recklessness or negligence. Top-rated law firms like Caruso Law Offices, P.C. help car accident victims get a fair settlement for their claims. Before you call an attorney, here are some of the steps that you need to follow. 

  1. Seek medical attention. No matter how “fine” you are, never ignore the overall pain or trauma triggered by a car accident. If you intend to file a claim and seek compensation for your injuries, you have to ensure proper documentation. A doctor can help you gather the information you need, and more importantly, if you don’t get medical care for your injuries, you may have a hard time proving that your injuries are related to the accident. 
  2. Stay at the scene. You should stay at the scene of the accident and make sure that you inform the police. The investigating officer will ask questions, and while you need to be honest and share what you remember, never admit fault or blame anyone. If you are not seriously injured, you may benefit from exchanging key information with other lawyers. 
  3. File a police report. You should consider filing a police crash report if the accident resulted in injury or property damage. When you deal with an insurance company, this will come in handy. If an investigating officer responded to the call, you could ask for a copy of the police report. 
  4. Take pictures. You need to gather the information that can support your claim. As the claimant, you are required to prove two things. Firstly, the concerned party was negligent, which caused the accident. Secondly, you sustained your injuries as a direct outcome of the accident. pictures and videos can help prove key details. 
  5. Inform the insurance company. While there is a deadline of four years in New Mexico to file an auto accident injury lawsuit, the statute of limitations is for civil lawsuits only. You should inform the insurance company within a reasonable time. 

Final word

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you recover a fair settlement for your claim. Don’t expect the other party or the insurance company to work in your favor. You need an attorney who can ensure an aggressive stance and negotiate better for your rights. Don’t let someone’s mistake change your life forever – Talk to an attorney soon.