Almost every person in his life at some point is faced with the need for prosthetic teeth. Even if these are just veneers or crowns, both the comfort of wearing and the duration of use depend on what material is chosen for their manufacture. How not to make a mistake with the selection of dentures and which type to prefer for various problems with teeth? Sometimes all concerns can be solved by installing partial dentures, in other cases, it is better to replace the entire dentition at once, so as not to pay for the manufacture of the prosthesis twice.

The Most Common Types of Dentures

Experienced doctors will tell you all the nuances of wearing various types of dentures, and their advantages and disadvantages. But it will be better if you are ready for such a conversation and know the important features of various types of prostheses.

Removable Dentures

The most radical type of prosthetics is removable dentures. They are required, as a rule, for elderly patients whose teeth are either lost or destroyed. The advantage of such prostheses is their low cost and speed of manufacture due to the absence of the need to restore the remaining teeth.

Removable dentures are also ordered as an intermediate option. For example, when a patient wants to put implants, for some time he manages with a removable prosthesis.

Permanent Dentures

Fixed orthopedic constructions come in different types: dental bridges and crowns. Unlike removable dentures, they are securely fixed in the oral cavity and do not need to be removed at night or for cleaning. They are more durable and aesthetic. But they are also much more expensive. Dental plates can cost twice as much as a removable counterpart. The final cost depends on what material will be chosen for the manufacture:

  • Zirconium and Ceramic: These are the most advanced materials because of their reliability, safety, and aesthetics. But they are also the most expensive
  • Metal ceramics: the most demanded material due to the price/quality ratio
  • Metal: the cheapest but least aesthetic type of prosthesis, be it a dental plate or a crown

Before making a final decision, find out more details about the features of wearing each type of denture. After they are manufactured, dentures will become part of your daily life. As a result, your well-being and self-esteem depend on the comfort of wearing them and the external aesthetic appearance. Therefore, from all the options available for your money, try to select the most modern models produced from high-quality materials.