Arthritis is a condition that causes pain in joints and muscles. It is a degenerative disease that can get worse with time. The main causes of arthritis include wear and tear of joints, age factor, obesity, or injury. Arthritis is treatable, and there are many ways to tackle the symptoms that come with it. Knees, hips, and arms are the commonly affected areas. This disorder can induce obstacles in your routine life. 

In this article, you will learn about the ways to treat arthritis pain.


The main aim of the treatments is to alleviate the pain and enhance movements. Here are some common ways to get rid of the pain. 

Clinical Treatments

Health care workers offer various treatments for arthritis pain. Following are some of them. 


People often use painkillers for temporary pain relief. For extreme pain, doctors prescribe them more intense painkillers. There are drugs like corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid that can slow down the progress of arthritis. These medications also reduce inflammation and, thus, reduce pain.


For severe pain and paralysis, surgery is the best option. During the surgery, the doctor may remove the damaged part of the bone or joint and replace it with an artificial one. Resurfacing is a common surgery for the knees and hips. During this surgery, the joint cap is replaced with a metal cup.

Natural Ways and Therapies

There are numerous non-invasive and drug-free ways to fight the symptoms of arthritis. Following are some of them.

Physical Activity

Many people become lazy when they have arthritis which is wrong. You must keep moving. Light cardio, walking, swimming, and stretches can help to restore flexibility while relieving pain. Also, exercising will enhance your muscles for better support and balance. Remember, do not overdo it. The intense workout can worsen the situation. 

Meditation And Massage

Meditation can help you to manage pain. Yoga and stretches are a great way to keep yourself moving. Also, breathing exercising enhances mindfulness and willpower. The positive energy will encourage natural healing and reduce stress and depression.

Oil massage has soothing effects on the pain. Get yourself massaged with oils to reduce pain naturally. Also, the massage will reduce stress and improve your sleep.  

Reduce Weight

Obesity is a potential cause of arthritis. If you have arthritis, fat can make things worse for you. Extra weight causes exertion in your joints. Shedding the extra pounds will reduce the pain, encourage movement, and decrease the chances of more damage. Get a diet plan and do some exercise to burn those extra pounds. 

Changes in Diet

Diet is an essential factor when it comes to treating your body naturally. You will have to take a diet rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Fish, green veggies, and dry fruits are great for you. Meet your body’s daily calcium requirement and consume vitamin D for better absorption. With additions to your diet, you also must cut down some things. Junk food, processed food, sugar, and fizzy drinks cause inflammation and make things worse. Avoid such food to ensure healing. 

Hot And Cold Compress

Hot and cold compress is one of the most ancient remedies to treat pain. You can take long warm baths to soothe your muscles and bones. Also, you can place heated bottles in the affected area. 

Cold compression is a great way to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Place an iced gel pack or frozen veggie pack on your knees or arms. 

PEMF for Arthritis Pain

PEMF is the electromagnetic therapy that is widely used nowadays to reduce pain. It is a non-invasive therapy that reduces pain fast with no side effects. The tiny pulses treat your body inside out. This therapy also eliminates swelling to ensure healing. Many portable PEMF devices are available that allow you to get this therapy easily at home. These devices are available in the form of pillows, pads, and mats of various sizes designed according to your needs. You can get any of these devices at

Final Words

To conclude, many treatments are available to fight arthritis and its symptoms. The clinical treatments are used for extreme cases, and these are expensive. You can reduce arthritis pain using natural ways. PEMF therapy is also an effective option. Do not forget to take professional advice.