A dentist is a reason behind the beautiful smiles of many people. When happy and satisfied clients, or patients, post a review about their experience of dental healthcare centers, it acts as an epitome of their excellence and expertise in the field.

Digital word of mouth has the greatest power among the people. People trust others’ experiences before moving ahead with their decisions about a certain brand.

Hence, if you are a dental clinic looking to grab more customers, we would advise you to work on your online reputation. It will help your top-notch practice reach a wider audience and you will have to get more and more appointments at your clinic.

Before we move on to offer you some tips on how you can grow and improve your online reputation, we would like to get you acquainted with the power of online reputation.

Leverage the power of your online reputation 

You’d be surprised to learn that nearly 90% of customers Google your clinic before deciding to visit your dental clinic. And if it has poor ratings or negative reviews, 57% of that audience won’t consider you unless you have at least a four-star rating.


61% of the audience gives priority to online reviews before making a purchase based on their research. On the contrary, a positive and professional online reputation of your dental practice grabs 68% of the total audience from the web to your practice.

It is highly advised that you take full advantage of what is accessible to you on your digital front to multiply your revenue.

How to improve and grow your dental clinic’s online reputation?

Leveraging technology with little knowledge can often hamper your progress. It is only with the right guidance that you can ace it in one go. So, to assist you, we have compiled a list of tips to help you build a flawless online reputation as a dental clinic.

  1. Claim your business listing.

Claiming your company’s listing on Google and other review sites is the first and most important step in building a strong online reputation. You can include your business description to present your practice in the best possible light to your target audience along with all the necessary information. It will help your patients learn about you from scratch and ultimately connect with you for treatment. For example, if the patient is living in Pleasanton, he will search for Dentist in Pleasanton, and your clinic must appear in their search so you get a chance to help them at your clinic!

Moreover, claiming a business listing on third-party review sites will help you track the calls, clicks, and page visits to get an idea about how the customers are interacting with your page. It also allows you to communicate publicly or privately with your reviewers so that you can thank them or resolve their issues easily in a transparent manner.

  1. Encourage reviews from patients.

Patient feedback is important, irrespective of whether it is received offline or online. While discussing how to expand your online reputation, you can ask your patients to provide feedback on their experience at your dental clinic.

You can use it to establish a solid rapport of trust with both current and potential patients. It will also help you learn about the grounds for improvement in case any patient leaves a negative review.

  1. Observe what people are saying about you.

Once you’ve claimed your business on third-party review sites and Google, it’s time to start monitoring what people are saying about you. Showing that you regard each person’s opinion is the best method to keep your internet reputation intact.

Prioritize the worst reviews and respond to them first. In the case of any wrongdoing, accept, apologize, and try to find a way to make up for it. It’s called taking the high road and attracting all the good for your dental practice.

  1. Use patient feedback to improve your practice.

After you receive consolidated feedback from the online sources, it’s time to address them. Check for all the valid criticisms and make improvements in your practice so that it can align well with the expected experience of the patients.

It will help you eliminate patient frustration as well as confusion related to your practice. Once you are done with it, you can address each review, explaining how you have initiated changes or have acted to resolve that person’s complaint. It will demonstrate to the review how much you care about their feedback.

  1. Report defamatory or fake reviews.

In case your business listing receives a purposefully untrue, hurtful review, it’s important to take action against it. Either reach out to the person privately to remove the review or respond to them publicly in a polite manner, stating the facts from your point of view.

You can come across another kind of review that is posted by someone who has never been a patient at your dental practice. Such reviews are posted in support of your competitors to stir up trouble in your dental practice.

So when you come across a review like that, ensure that you neither insult the person nor do you accuse him or her of anything underhanded. Make a point of emphasizing your commitment to customer service and highlighting the fact that they have never been a patient at your dental practice. It will bring the truth about such reviews in front of the audience that puts other people’s reviews first before considering a practice.


Consistent efforts from your end will ensure an online reputation for your dental practice. Remember that it is very fragile and is majorly under the control of strangers on the internet. So, to gain maximum control over it, you need to put in your best efforts constantly to maintain a positive digital image in front of your future customers.

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