Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. Many people know the most common type of dental implant, which involves placing a metal post into the jawbone. However, considering dental implants, you may wonder about your options. To assist you in deciding, we have collaborated with Gorgeous Smiles to give you an overview of the three most common kinds of dental implants.

The 3 Types of Dental Implants 

Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, dental implants can provide a long-term solution. So, what are your options? These are the three most common types of dental implants:

1. Endosteal Implants

Most people think of the traditional metal post when they think of dental implants. This implant is set directly into your jawbone. It provides a solid foundation for single tooth replacements, dentures, or bridge support. This common type of implant is usually made of titanium, where it fuses to your bone during a process called osseointegration.

Suppose you have healthy gums and enough bone density in your jaw; you’re likely a candidate for this dental implant. Many choose this option because it’s the most like having natural teeth.

2. Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants may be the right choice if you have unhealthy gums or insufficient bone density. The subperiosteal implant is always on top of your jawbone, below the gum line. As your gums heal, they grow around the metal framework and secure it.

It is ideal for people who are not candidates for endosteal implants or do not want to undergo a bone graft. It’s also suitable for people who wear dentures and want to stabilize them. Additionally, your age isn’t a factor with subperiosteal implants, making them a popular choice for seniors.

3. Zygomatic Implants

The alternative to endosteal and subperiosteal implants is zygomatic implants. This dental implant is placed in the cheekbone rather than the jawbone. Zygomatic implants are longer than other types of implants, making them ideal for people who have lost teeth in the back of their mouth.

Zygomatic implants are less invasive than other implants, and you can typically avoid a bone graft. Yet, this type of implant is not right for everyone. Your dentist will need to take X-rays and conduct a thorough examination to determine if you’re a candidate for zygomatic implants.

How To Know Which Type of Implant Is Best for You

Now that you know a little more about the three types of dental implants, how do you know which is right for you? What steps do you need to take to get the best treatment? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make an appointment with your dentist: During this visit, the dentist will take X-rays and give your mouth a thorough checkup. They will also ask you about your medical history and any medications you’re taking. This information will help them determine which type of implant is right for you.
  • Get a treatment plan: Once your dentist has evaluated your mouth, they will develop a treatment plan. This plan outlines the steps necessary to take to get dental implants. It will also list the estimated cost of the procedure and the timeline for the treatment.
  • Choose a dentist: Now that you know what type of implant is right for you and what the treatment entails, it’s time to choose a dentist. Be sure to ask your potential dentist about their experience with dental implants. It would help if you also asked about their implant procedures’ success rate and the warranty they offer. When considering dental implants in Oklahoma City, choosing the best dentist with extensive experience and expertise in implantology ensures a successful and long-lasting tooth replacement solution for your oral health needs.
  • Schedule your surgery: Once you’ve chosen a dentist, it’s time to schedule it. The surgery itself is typically quick and relatively painless. However, you will need to take some time to recover afterward. The dentist will give you specific instructions on what you need to do to recover and how long you can expect the recovery process to take.

Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted With Dental Implants

Choose the type of dental implant right for you and start on the road to a better smile today. With dental implants, you can finally get the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Dental implants can give you the confidence boost you need whether you want to replace one tooth or all your teeth. Schedule a consultation with Gorgeous Smiles today to learn more about your options. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!

What are your thoughts on dental implants? Have you considered them as an option for tooth replacement? Let us know in the comments below.