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If you run a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you have to be very careful in everything you do. You are creating medications that people will consume; they are trusting you to get it right so they can stay safe and get well. If you fail, you will not only lose the confidence of your target audience, but you could end up seriously harming someone and potentially even being indicted. 

One area where you need to be particularly careful is with your product labels, and with that in mind, here are some of the biggest pharmaceutical labeling mistakes your company should never make:

  1. Poor print quality

If you run a pharmaceutical manufacturing business, you really cannot afford to skimp on label printing. If you use poorly manufactured labels, cheap inks, and the likes, you might save money, but you also run the risk that the print will rub off or run and the important information contained on the label become obscured. When you have gone to so much trouble using clean rooms to avoid contamination and sourcing the purest ingredients to keep things safe, it would be foolish to risk your reputation just to save a few cents of paper and ink.

  1. The wrong information

It goes without saying, but printing the wrong information on one of your product labels could spell disaster for your business, and even more importantly, could seriously harm your customers. It is so important that you hire an experienced medical proofreader to triple check all of the information on your labels and in your product leaflets is correct and up-to-date, lest you have to recall a bunch of them and take a hit to your business reputation.

Pexels – CCO Licence

  1. Compliance issues

Ensuring your pharmaceutical labels are compliant is so important if you do not want to have them recalled, but it can also be really tricky with many different states and countries having different requirements for what is and is not acceptable in terms of pharmaceutical label artwork and information. You need to ensure your team is doing their due diligence on every product in every market to get it right if you do not want to end up with a bad reputation in the industry.

  1. Not proofing manually

When you have printed up a new batch of labels, it might take a fair amount of time to have someone proof them manually but it is really important that you do not skip this step because, even if a bunch of people has looked over the copy and the artwork, there is a chance something could slip through, and that is not a chance you can afford to take. Everything on your label needs to be safe, clear, and accurate if you want to avoid problems for your business. It really is that simple., and it really is better to be safe than sorry.

If you can avoid making these mistakes, you are less likely to end up being the subject of bad PR, litigation, and worse. Take labeling seriously!

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