As an entrepreneur, you might have always ruled out the idea of healthcare businesses because you’re not qualified in the field in any way. However, you don’t need to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, or any other kind of health professional to be able to make your money in the health and wellness industry. There are plenty of great options to consider, here are five different ideas. 

Health and wellness blogging

Sharing your health and wellness knowledge and your personal experience of health and what you do personally can be really interesting to others. You don’t need any qualifications to start a health blog, although you of course will want to research everything carefully to ensure you’re providing people with correct information. Blogging can be really lucrative, as a standalone business or as an additional income source for another type of business that you own.  

Healthcare cleaning businesses

From hospitals to dentists to doctor’s office cleaning, the healthcare industry is of course always in need of excellent cleaning companies. This would be a great direction to go in if you’re already an experienced cleaner or are running a general cleaning business. You’ll need to embark on training and gain further qualifications to work specifically in the field of medical cleaning, as there are additional risks for things like an infection that are less likely in general cleaning. But it’s a fantastic way to find your niche as a cleaning business and a good way to link to healthcare too if this is what you’re interested in. 

Online Pharmacy

While you’ll need a qualified pharmacist to work at your online pharmacy, you don’t need to be qualified yourself. You can set up the business and hire people with the correct qualifications and expertise. Online pharmacies are becoming more and more popular as they enable people to order their prescriptions and medications from home and right to their door, in many cases it means they don’t need to waste time consulting a GP first which is useful when waiting times are still at an all-time high and pressure is on health services due to covid backlogs.

Healthcare app

If you’re an app developer, have you considered creating a healthcare app? If you get specific and aim to solve a problem for people with a particular condition, you could make their lives so much easier and it’s a great business opportunity. From pregnancy apps to diabetes blood sugar monitoring to medication monitoring and much more, think about the issues people with different conditions face and how an app could solve their issues. 

Have you ever considered setting up a business either in healthcare, or linked to it in some way? What direction would you go in with it?

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