There are a few things to consider in buying a wheelchair. Aside from safety and durability, you also need to consider the weight. Heavy wheelchairs are obviously difficult to transport from one place to another so lightweight wheelchairs are now the choice of many. Lightweight wheelchairs are available in many shops now. In fact, you can choose between lightweight folding and lightweight rigid wheelchairs.

For users who occasionally travel, the lightweight folding wheelchair is fine. This is because a folding wheelchair is collapsible and easy to transport. It is also easy to store and does not occupy huge space in your house. However, this type is only good for those who are not very active or who are not moving up a ramp. A folding wheelchair weighs around 15 to 20 kilograms.

There are different sizes available for lightweight folding wheelchairs. However, not all of them have the features required by your physician. So, for those who are not conscious of the price but rather choose comfort and mobility, lightweight rigid wheelchairs are your better option. Rigid wheelchairs may not be foldable but they have features that are commonly prescribed by physicians. Also, rigid is still lighter in weight compared to lightweight folding wheelchairs. The reason is the several movable parts that a folding wheelchair has.

If you are active or you are involved in sports, you also need a different kind of wheelchair. You need a model that is not only lightweight but also maneuverable. As an active wheelchair user, you need a type that can be moved or turned easily. Plus, you also have to secure a wheelchair that has optimum performance. All these features are found in rigid wheelchairs. Folding a wheelchair is not recommended for active users because of its heavy and adjustable parts. Unlike folding which is made of heavy aluminum, most rigid wheelchairs or those used in disabled sports are made from titanium. This metal is lighter than aluminum.

The wheels of rigid wheelchairs are also placed strategically so users can push the wheelchair inward allowing it to be more responsive to your control. Most of these rigid wheelchairs utilize the technology of the mountain bike so it is more of a mountain bike in terms of performance rather than your typical folding wheelchair. Rigid wheelchairs weigh only around 15 to 17 pounds or eight kilograms.

Selecting a wheelchair requires a lot of consideration. It is most of the time taxing especially if you are looking for the model that is prescribed by your physician. However, you can easily find the right wheelchair for you by taking into account the physical condition of the user, the activities that will be performed every day, and other specifications that will bring comfort to the user. Choose carefully because the right wheelchair should maintain good posture and not cause pressure sores on your hands your back and on your buttocks.