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Hearing loss is a condition that many people experience. While it’s associated with older people, young people also have to deal with losing their hearing. There are many different types of hearing loss, which means that there are different ways to treat it. 

Once you understand the causes of your hearing loss, then you will be better able to deal with it. 

Temporary Hearing Loss

Some hearing loss is temporary, which means that your hearing can be restored with proper treatment. This hearing loss is common among young and older people and has a variety of causes.

A common cause of temporary hearing loss is a build-up of cerumen or ear wax. Ear wax is designed to protect your ears, but it can build up over time and harden. This creates a blockage in your ear. This blockage can cause pain, dizziness, and issues with your hearing. If left ignored, this blockage may cause more permanent damage. 

However, once the ear wax is removed, the problem will usually be resolved and your hearing restored. Usually, ear wax is removed using irrigation, otherwise known as ear syringing, where the liquid is injected into the ear canal and pushes the wax out. 

Some illnesses, like ear infections, can also cause temporary deafness. Once the ear infection is treated with antibiotics and the swelling goes down, then the hearing should be restored. However, sometimes ear infections cause permanent hearing loss.

Finally, injuries or acute damage to the ears can cause temporary hearing loss that is recovered over time. Unfortunately, the hair cells in the ears that are responsible for your hearing can be damaged in a way that can’t be repaired. Your hearing might not completely recover.

Permanent Hearing Loss

Permanent hearing loss can be the result of trauma or an illness, but is often caused by wear and tear over time. Older people generally experience deterioration of their hearing. Your health and hearing loss are also linked, as your general well-being and heart health have been known to affect your hearing.

Taking good care of your body will impact every aspect of your health, including your hearing. For example, smoking has been linked to increased hearing loss, as smokers often lose their hearing more quickly and more profoundly. However, sometimes you lose your hearing regardless of how well you look after your health.

If you or a family member have noticed that you’re struggling to keep up with conversations or have to turn the television or radio up, then you might be experiencing gradual hearing loss. In this case, visit an audiologist for hearing tests and a consultation to determine the best course of treatment. 

Hearing aids or amplifiers are common treatment options as they allow you to hear sounds that you otherwise might struggle with. You will need to keep your hearing device well-maintained and regularly visit your audiologist to see how your hearing loss progresses. With proper management, you can continue to live a healthy and happy life.

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