The growth of technology in the era of digitization caused an opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Nowadays, users can take care of their health with the help of versatile healthcare applications. Healthcare organizations ensure that these applications help stakeholders like doctors, sales reps, patients, and anyone concerned about their health.

There are a variety of healthcare solutions prevailing in the market like telehealth apps, mHealth, health data, and medical records. As per Statista, there are 54,603 mobile healthcare applications available on the Google Play Store in the Q2 of 2022.

The surge in mobile healthcare application development has created a buzz, gaining more attention from healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs. They are now tapping into this segment to provide top-notch services and generate huge revenue streams with the help of the best healthcare app developers.

Most entrepreneurs come across multiple questions when thinking of app development, like the platform they should choose, what should be the tech stack, technological skills requirements, building a team or outsourcing developers, etc. Choosing the right development partner is crucial for the success of your startup.

This article will help you understand the 5 things necessary to look out for before choosing healthcare app developers.

1. Consider company portfolio and worth.

When choosing a healthcare app development company, make sure to go deeply through the company’s portfolio. Understanding the type of clients they have worked with helps you understand their core expertise. Moving forward, you must know what the company’s worth is. Explore their social media handles and identify the company’s key business segment, financial health, company goals, and vision. Make sure to check out the customer testimonials as it depicts the company has successfully delivered app development projects in the market.

2. Hire a company that understands healthcare business requirements

Truth be told, there are several companies out there that deliver different types of development services. When researching a company, question yourself- does it align with your business requirements? Will the organization be able to provide high-end resources to work on my project? Such questions will help you filter out companies that do not align with your vision.

Hire a company that understands your core healthcare business requirements, vision, and end goals. An app development company inclined to deliver healthcare-based solutions will be better than an organization that doesn’t understand your requirements. A reliable app development company offers a team of professional developers, solution architects, DevOps engineers, business analysts, and testing engineers to develop a seamless healthcare app.

3. Software development strategies and techniques

The next crucial things you must know about a healthcare app development company are software development strategies, techniques, and processes they follow.  These strategies help you understand the direction an organization follows to develop a seamless product. Whereas the methods define the rules of inferences organizations follow to achieve solutions.

If a company follows the core principles of software development and best practices, you can expect feature-rich product development. Also, their practices give answers to their problem-solving approaches and handling communication gaps. The current development approach that the development organizations follow is agile methodologies. It helps save both time and money.

4. Company reviews and feedback

Going through the company’s testimonials is great; however, to become a reliable app development partner, you should evaluate an organization in terms of reviews, feedback, and retention rate of potential customers. While researching for the companies, explore business directories like Clutch to evaluate the business’s worth in the market. You can collect reviews and feedback from the company’s official website, its social media channels, and other third-party platforms.

5. Ask for service level agreements.

Other than inquiring about the actual development costs, ensure there are no other hidden charges. During this, finalize the different service level agreements necessary, such as Non-disclosure agreements and app maintenance policy. Always understand the app maintenance policy priorly, as it helps you save post-launch app maintenance charges.

NDAs are always a good idea when you are outsourcing healthcare app developers. Also, other service level agreements would include code ownership once the project is delivered, project timelines, and payment methods. These terms should be negotiated before you finalize a healthcare app development partner.

Skills you Must Consider When Hiring Healthcare App Developers.

The good technological skills of developers can help you deliver a product that gives you a competitive edge in the market. Here are some skills you must consider when choosing the right healthcare app developers.


Interoperability is very important as knowing diverse integration standards and adhering to them while building an app will help you deliver a product that does not go obsolete in the market after some time. Similarly, semantic vocabularies complement the syntactic standards. These vocabularies ensure that clinical data is interpreted correctly.

Technical skills

With the increasing population, your app must be focused on extracting data of all sorts- structured, unstructured, raw, etc. The healthcare app developers must be skilled in implementing disruptive technologies like big data, AI, and other third-party integrations necessary.

Domain concepts

The next skills you must consider are the domain concepts like HIPAA, revenue cycle workflows, FDA, and other necessary standards and certifications. HIPAA not only ensures solutions comply with the regulatory framework but also ensures a secure development process. Similarly, revenue cycle workflows involve the understanding of ideas such as billing schedules, payment models, and denial workflows.


I hope you liked the above-shared information on 5 things you need to know before finalizing healthcare app developers for your startup. Choosing a healthcare app development company is better than going for freelancers. A healthcare app development company not only helps with app developers’ requirements but also provides suggestions and support throughout the app development process. To find a reliable app development company, conduct research and filter out the companies that match businesses’ core requirements and finalize the one that delivers the best services in your budget.