Since the world experienced a pandemic, more and more people are concerned with infectious diseases. Mostly how we get them as well as how to avoid them.

With the world on lockdown for several years, many people put off various health-related procedures, including visiting their dentist for yearly checkups. This can be detrimental to one’s health, although understandable during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

North Star Dental Care is concerned with the well-being of their patients and how they can keep individuals that use their services safe from infectious diseases.

What is an infectious disease?

An infectious disease is a bacteria or pathogen that enters the body and causes illness. Examples of infectious diseases are Covid-19, measles, the flu, HIV, salmonella, and strep throat. Each of these diseases can be transmitted through full contact as well as casual contact. This simply includes breathing near the infected person.

Proper Protection

It is important that a dentist and their staff use the proper protective gear to avoid spreading infectious diseases. This goes beyond a surgical mask and medical grade gown. Since they are working in the patient’s mouth, they need a face shield as well. In the past, safety goggles were enough, but now, they do not want any spray on their face or other parts of their skin.

When your dentist and their staff cover up with medical grade protection, it is not only for their benefit, it is for yours as well. Since there are newer variations of Covid-19, many that have little or no symptoms, it is important that everyone is protecting one another.

Cleaning the Instruments

Dentist offices have always been extremely clean and careful when it comes to proper sterilization of the many different tools they use. Since most of the instruments need to be used over and over, a sterilizing machine is needed. It is similar to a dishwasher, yet heats to a much higher temperature to remove all bacteria from the patient before.

There are also advances in disposable dental equipment or one-time-use items. This will also help with the safety of both the patients and the dental staff.

Safe Distance

Since it is impossible for a dentist or their staff to stay 6 feet away from the patient, they must wear as much protective gear as they can. It is also helpful that the dental office schedules appointments with fewer people at a time. This may mean that you will be the only one in the office during your appointment. There will be a limited staff and no other patients.

You may be able to schedule your entire family at one time, but this would be up to the individual dentist and their staff.

The safety of the world against infectious diseases is up to everyone. Each individual can do their part. By wearing a mask, washing our hands often, and keeping our distance from others, we can stay healthy, even while taking care of our dental needs. Ask your dentist what steps they take and what you need to do to help them avoid infectious diseases.