It hasn’t been that long since penicillin was discovered – a little over a hundred years, and even less since the first antibiotic was manufactured.

During this time, antibiotics have helped mankind cope with a huge number of serious diseases. But the uncontrolled use of these drugs has led to the fact that quite soon they will simply stop “working” – bacteria are rapidly developing resistance to the main known antibiotics.

However, if you still have to buy medicine, then a person can buy antibiotics online. It is very convenient, and usually cheaper than conventional pharmacies.

Self-medication is bad

Many of us are quite self-diagnosed with the Internet, and then use it to prescribe medications. In most cases, it is antibiotics.

First, you need to clearly understand the difference between viral and bacterial diseases. Colds, flu, measles, hepatitis, and chicken pox are all viral diseases, antibiotics are not gonna help. But against acute infectious prostatitis, severe otitis media, and other ailments caused by bacteria – they will even help a lot.

Secondly, there is no universal antibiotic that would cope with all bacteria in a row. Therefore, for a complete cure, it is necessary to determine what kind of bacteria “settled” in the body. Once it’s known, an antibiotic can be prescribed that is effective against it. The effectiveness is determined after bacteriological examination with a special test of the microorganism’s sensitivity to various antibacterial agents.

Incorrectly diagnosed and mismatched medications may not only not help with recovery, but also lead to the development of resistance of bacteria to this drug. 

What is the best form of antibiotics?

Most often, preparations of this group are available in tablet or capsule form. For children, they can be produced in the form of syrup or suspension.

Intravenous antibiotics are administered only in emergency cases, but intramuscular injections are a relic of the past. Although some antibiotics are still available in the form of injections or powders for their preparation.

What is the correct way to take antibiotics?

The instructions for any antibiotic have recommendations for taking it. But they are for informational purposes only. The exact dosage and regimen should be determined by your doctor. These recommendations should strictly adhere to the entire course of treatment:

  • take the drug at the same time;
  • drink the drug only with water;
  • take care of your health state;
  • do not interrupt the course of treatment;
  • do not delay treatment;
  • regularly undergo examinations.

An antibiotic is not a panacea for all diseases. They should only be used when really necessary. How to understand if such a case has come? Contact a doctor. Based on the symptoms and test results, the specialist will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the optimal treatment.

During the course, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations: do not change the dosage and/or regimen, do not replace the prescribed drug with any other, and do not miss treatment. Any violations of the treatment plan may delay recovery, sometimes for a very long time.