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A working mother is an institution in herself, working tirelessly to manage and bridge her motherhood and profession. It is hard to balance both aspects of your life without neglecting the other as both are very demanding. You will always find a rift between your passion and obligation, and closing the gap between them is something you are engaged in daily. You are constantly juggling responsibilities from looking after your children, household, and professional duties. While being a super mom, your health will most likely suffer the consequences. Here is a brief account of the health issues rampant in working moms and how to manage them.

  1. Body Aches:

As a working mom, you are constantly running errands at your home and workplace. From getting up in the morning to hitting the bed at night, there is always something that awaits your attention. While fulfilling the demands of everyone, you are ignoring the prime demand of your body to rest. The result is body aches due to extreme exhaustion. It will be a good idea to take out some time off your tight schedule and see a doctor if the pains are constant and chronic.

If you are not a big fan of meds, you may see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will help you manage body aches by aligning your spinal cord. You can search for the best chiropractors in your town or the surrounding areas to suit your pocket. If you live in an expensive city like San Francisco, search for chiropractors in nearby, comparatively affordable cities, like Yuba City, especially if it is near your workplace. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalay at Yuba Sutter Chiropractic for effective treatment. Considering the number of people who depend on you, getting yourself bedridden is not an option. With effective therapy, you will be good as new in no time.

  1. Obesity:

A gain in weight is usually associated with the lifestyle and type of job you do. Sitting in a single place during long office hours, lack of exercise and poor eating habits can lead to fat deposition in your body. Obesity is the root cause of many other illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders. So if you are prone to weight gain or have already become obese, some effort in this direction will go a long way to help you combat it. Eat a balanced diet and dedicate some time of your day to exercise. A simple walk, jogging, or yoga, for thirty minutes daily will keep your weight in check and keep your body healthy and physically active.

  1. Digestion Disorders:

While racing against time, you will most likely miss your meals and go for easy snacks. They may satisfy your hunger for the time being but won’t be able to support your health. Another main reason for digestion disorders is anxiety. It might be due to the massive workload that welcomes you every dawn. It can also be because of constant worry about leaving your children behind and that nagging feeling of guilt for not giving them enough time. Sleep deprivation also does not help matters. You may not get enough time to sleep or spend the night tossing around the bed as your mind would be too wired to fall into a peaceful sleep. With all the factors combined, you can face digestion problems from mild to chronic constipation.

To avoid this, eat healthy snacks like fruits, even if you cannot have a proper meal. The high fiber content will help to regulate digestion and maintain your gut microflora. If the situation persists, do not delay consulting a gastroenterologist to restore your gut health.

  1. Mental Health Problems:

A working mother has to excel in both personal and professional life, and the burden can sometimes be too much to bear. After you have established yourself at work and enhanced your earning power, your household responsibilities and mental load of the workplace increase rather than decrease. You may face work-related chronic stress, which can lead to other mental health problems like depression and anxiety. You can manage the stress by meditating regularly and not going too hard on yourself. While everyone would be expecting you to show optimum performance, you know where to stop and take a break. If you feel matters are out of your control, do not delay seeing a psychologist and keep up with your mental health.


In a conflict between what you want to do and what you should do, your health often slips down to the bottom of the priority list. Your health may not be your concern at the moment, but it enables you to work around the clock. Although you might manage everything with small problems, they may continue to intensify. Accepting that you can not do everything on your own, setting realistic expectations, and finding a convenient job with friendly employers can help make matters easier.

So, respond to the warning signs that your body gives and continue to shine as a doting mother and successful professional.