With the growing trend of technology in every aspect of our lives, it is hard to find any part of our lives where technology is not making a difference. Health and wellness are such a big domain where the inclusion of technology and products has been a game changer.

Femtech (female technology) term is used for tools, services, products, and software that address women’s health issues and solve them.

The term Femtech was first heard in 2016 by an entrepreneur working for women’s health and after that, Femtech has been on the rise. Now we have a number of services, software, and tools in this domain. Below we will discuss the femtech technologies and how they have made an impact in the women’s healthcare sector.

1.   Clue

Clue is a menstrual health app that tracks fertility and the period cycle. Clue is one of the initial tech apps for women’s health that started operating in 2012 and is based in Berlin. It is a free app that utilizes user data and provides predictions about a woman’s period cycle. Clue mobile is one the most popular app in Femtech, having more than 12 million users monthly with an excellent rating of 4.8. When Clue was first announced, it got a hugely positive response for being one of its kind tech app in women’s healthcare.

2.   Kindbody

Kindbody is a health tech company based in New York, NY. At first, it was named Soulcycle of Fertility. The leading service of this Femtech company is to provide the facility of freezing eggs and embryos for fertility reasons. Launched in 2018 and is one of its kind Femtech company, expanded to 10 cities in the US. The revenues of Kindobdy reached their highest in 2021, which is really promising for the company’s future.

3.   Womaness

Womaness is a femtech company that offers a list of products to help women with hygiene and body care. As the company grew over years, they are also offered products related to body wellness, skin, and body care. The startup also runs a blog that is a source of useful information for women’s health.

4.   Woom

Woom is a Spain-based startup founded in 2015. It offers services that are similar to Clue, which we discussed earlier. Woom has two different apps providing two different solutions for women’s health. Woom cycle, a menstrual tracking app, and Woom Fertility for women who are ready for pregnancy. Woom app has helped more than 100k people achieve the goal of pregnancy and clocked in more than 2 million app downloads on the app store.

5.   Grace Health

Grace Health is an online health clinic for women with the goal of helping 1 billion women over the internet. Grace Health has a lightweight mobile app that can be accessed in less-privileged parts of the world. App help women track their menstrual cycles and other healthcare issues. App also allows women to access live consultations with medical experts and fertility coaches for their guidance over common health issues women face. Though the goal of helping 1 billion is possible in the future, currently, there are 1.2 million active users of Grace Health digital clinic worldwide.

6.   Joylux

Joylux is a women’s health-focused company based in Seattle, WA. The company started its operations in 2013 as a startup and grew exponentially over the years. It is mainly focusing on solving menopause-related issues as women age in their life. Joylux is also working on smart medical devices mainly for sexual and bladder functions in women. Also, the wellness devices the company offers are named vSculpt and vFit, which work for pelvic floor toning and rejuvenation. Joylux is currently having funding of $16.3 million.

7.   LactApp

LactApp, as some might get an idea from its name. It is a mobile app that is designed for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.LactApp provides online support to medical experts where women can ask their queries or issues they are facing during breastfeeding. An estimated 73% of the app users also highlighted that the LactApp helped them improve their experience or solved their problems following the guidance of experts.

8.   Caria

Caria, a mobile app powered by AI and Data Science. Caria provides guidance and personalized care and guidance for women, specifically hygiene and body care as they age. App has an intelligent assistant that makes recommendations based on the user data and interactions a user performs with the app. Caria has above-average success rates as the 85% of the user indicated that the app was helpful and improved their symptoms.

9.   Everymother

Everymother, is a platform focusing mainly on a series of strength exercises for mothers. The platform offers a complete guide for exercises targeting the pelvic floor that are helpful to improve muscle strength, toning, and skin tightening. Women face the issue of skin loosening after pregnancy which can be addressed with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet.

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