Obesity has remained a serious health concern in the U.S. Traditionally, medical professionals used body mass index (BMI), which was a calculation of body height and weight, to measure body fatness. However, it has become increasingly necessary to examine the fat distribution profile, which evaluates where the fat accumulates in the body.

While obesity rates in the U.S have stabilized in recent years, belly fat is currently a common issue. Belly fat is a dangerous type of fat, which surrounds internal organs in the abdominal region. Fortunately, modern procedures, such as CoolSculpting done by professionals from Your Laser SkinCare, have made getting rid of this dangerous fat easier. Belly fat has been linked to the following health conditions: 

1. Diabetes

Research studies have shown a close connection between abdominal obesity and the risk of type 2 diabetes. A 2017 Journal of the American Medical Association study highlighted several ways that belly fat can cause diabetes. The study found that belly fat produces cytokines, which make body cells insulin resistant. This impairs the body’s blood sugar regulation ability.

2. Heart Attack

Excessive belly fat is a predisposing factor to a heart attack. The specific danger of belly fat is that it produces fatty acids that signal the liver to increase the production of bad cholesterol and decrease the production of good cholesterol. Another study confirmed these findings when it found that adults with more weight in their midsection area are more likely to develop a heart attack than those who are generally heavier.

Additionally, heart attack survivors with a large waist circumference will most likely develop another heart attack later. The study found that belly fat increases the risk of repeat heart attacks, especially for people managing other risk factors, such as high blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

3. High Blood Pressure

The effects of cytokines produced by abdominal fat go beyond making insulin cells resistant. Increased cytokines levels also make it difficult for the body to maintain blood pressure within normal levels. One of the many studies conducted to find the connection between belly fat and blood pressure found that a 5% increase in abdominal obesity increased the risk of developing high blood pressure by 34% and 28% for males and females, respectively.

4. Dementia

Excessive waist fat accumulation also impedes brain function. A 2019 study on 900,000 senior adults found that belly fat with a circumference of 33 inches or more significantly increased the risk of dementia, regardless of blood pressure, liver health, BMI, age, and other factors. This is probably because of belly fat’s ability to increase cytokines production that inflames the body.

A confirmative 2020 study also found the same results. Individuals with a large waist circumference (34 inches in women and 40 inches in men) were 28% more likely to develop dementia.


Abdominal obesity or visceral fat is certainly not good for your health. Fortunately, losing this bad fat isn’t complicated. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can reduce belly fat. Modern procedures that leverage technological developments, such as laser CoolSculpting, can also eliminate belly fat and fat accumulation in other parts of your body.