With the rapid use of smartphones, tablets, and wearables, healthcare apps have become a part of our daily lives. Also, the over the decade, technological advancements in the healthcare sector have improved the patient experience. This made the administrative task more accessible and convenient for the providers. Now more than ever, doctors are searching for ways to improve patient experience and meet the expectations of digital-savvy patients.

However, using data retrieved from patients, the medical and healthcare apps have become more advanced, accurate, knowledgeable, and latest than doctors used in the past. Medical professionals can take advantage of this technology to provide better services to patients.

The health apps have improved every aspect of patient care, including booking, payments, billing prescriptions, appointment scheduling, and many more. Thus, to ensure healthcare practice provides the best value, here is a list of top-notch medical and healthcare apps.

Leading Medical and HealthCare Apps for 2022

According to Statista, more than 53000 iOS mobile healthcare apps are available, both free and paid. So, how can you decide which one is better for you? Thus, to help you find the right app, we compiled a list below.

1. Epocrates

The Epocrates professional healthcare app will provide access to medical resources, treatment plans, and many more. In this app, they have the latest glossary of drugs, interactions, and pill identifiers. The app can check drug interactions for up to 30 drugs simultaneously. With the Epocrates plan, the doctors and healthcare practitioners have access to disease information, substitute medicines, lab test, infectious diseases treatment, and many more.

This app has over 600 medical calculators available with equations and risk scores. It also offers athenaText, where the doctors can contact other doctors for consultations and referrals.

2. Zoho Invoice

If you are running a small business or other healthcare business, then Zoho Invoice is suitable for you. The medical and health app starts at a reasonable price and eases online billing and invoicing. Thus, it helps you to focus on other work rather than doing billing for the whole day. Additionally, you can customize the invoicing templates and automate tedious recurring tasks like invoicing workflows and payment reminders.

3. Medscape

Medscape is a robust app that provides news and educational support to physicians. It includes visual pills identifier, dosage calculator, pharmacy directory, drug interaction checker, and colossal information related to medical conditions. This medical and healthcare app will find over 8500 prescriptions, OTC drugs, and supplements. Besides this, it provides a tailored newsfeed based on your specialty.

Medscape provides

  • FDA approval alerts and other medical news,
  • comments from professionals in your field and clinical trial data, and
  • critical presentations from top medical meetings and conferences.

4. QuiqMeds

QuiqMeds is an enterprise-level solution that enables you to fulfill prescriptions at a caring point by automating ordering, tracking, receiving, dispensing, and billing processes in a secure and auditable manner. According to studies, it is shown that 33% of written prescriptions are never filled. With this prescription fulfillment, you are not only ensuring patients get proper medications and also being available to answer their questions.

5. Lexicomp

It is one of the most intuitive hospital system apps available. This app includes a collection of a vast database of diseases, infectious diseases, especially oral diseases and toxicology. Also, the app will provide valuable information about drugs, uses, and side effects. You can also access medical dictionaries and use the calculators available in the app.

This app is not available for free. But, there are some subscription plans to choose from. Therefore, you can select the plan that fits your budget and personal needs.

6. Deputy

Another thing to manage in healthcare professionals is employee management. For smooth business, you need staff to be appropriately scheduled and updated with the latest information. Deputy is a workplace management solution that streamlines employee scheduling, time, attendance tracking, task management, and communications. If your employees call in sick and need help immediately, the deputy also finds you a replacement with just a tap.

The app will provide easy – to – use experience for your employees. When available to work, the employees clock in with a photo and immediately get their tasks for the day. If they need to change shifts, they can directly do theirs from their phones.

7. Connecteam

It is the number one healthcare management app in the market. With little training, you can use it. The medical and healthcare app has intuitive onboarding, simple scheduling, and robust communication features, and your practice will run efficiently. However, scheduling and managing staff physically is a tedious task. But by using Connecteam, your staff can let you know their availability before creating a schedule.

It also minimizes conflicts between employees. By chance, if any issue arises, you can swap shifts with another member directly through the app, and it saves you time.


Medical and health apps are handy both for doctors and patients. The patients will receive an immediate response to their problems. However, on the other side, the doctors will get all the latest information about patient health conditions and manage their business simultaneously.

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