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Plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery, while being two closely related medical specialties, having similar roots, and being practiced by mostly the same professionals, have become increasingly different in their scope and purpose over the past few years.

To answer the question — no, plastic surgery isn’t always for cosmetic purposes, but the $64 billion global market for cosmetic procedures far outpaces the surgical subspecialty where it traces its roots. As a result, many trained plastic surgeons choose to practice in cosmetics owing to the demand, and higher earning potential.

That being said, however, cosmetic procedures have started crossing the threshold, from being a mere materialist vanity to a revitalizing coming-of-age procedure that helps individuals become more comfortable, and confident in their looks. 

People are increasingly accepting the fact that looks do matter, and the fact that a simple procedure can help them stand out in the job market, increase their self-worth, and even improve prospects in the dating scene is being considered a blessing of the current day and age. After all, why should a lottery of birth determine how you are treated, and how you lead the rest of your life?

How To Find The Right Plastic Surgeon?

Despite decades of advancements, it is still absolutely critical to find the right plastic surgeon, someone who has years of experience, endorsements from patients, and a track record for achieving the desired results.

You should look for board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that they underwent rigorous examinations for their specialty and that they demonstrate the highest level of expertise and knowledge in the field.

For example, if you were looking for plastic surgery in Asheville NC, you might consider Dr. Eric Halvorson MD, who has been certified twice, by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and by the American Board of Surgery.

You may not always be able to find a specialized local plastic surgeon – in fact, an estimated 750,000 Americans travel long distances for plastic surgery each year.

However, if you are comfortable consulting online, you may be able to identify board-certified plastic surgeons near you, many of whom are located in major cities.

What Lies Ahead For This Industry?

With cosmetic surgery no longer being the purview of celebrities or the super-rich, many young professionals, and even school leavers have started opting to go under the knife, for what has increasingly become a rite of passage, towards a charming, and more successful adulthood.

The industry has undergone monumental changes over the past decade alone, and will likely be unrecognizable towards the end of this decade. This includes newer, and innovative technologies, and more daring surgical procedures aimed at fundamentally overhauling the looks of a person, along with better pricing, that remains within the reach of the middle-class, and young Gen Z professionals.

Augmented reality (AR), AI-enabled predictive software, cool sculpting, radiofrequency skin rejuvenation, and hybrid breast augmentation are a few of the many innovations redefining this sector. Additionally, trends such as ethnic looks, the body positivity movement, and social media continue to influence the direction of this budding sector.

Final Words

Cosmetic surgery may have strayed from its honorable roots in reconstructive, and corrective plastic surgery, but where it’s headed is no less honorable. 

After all, imagine a world where we will no longer be judged by the features we were born with, and you can look good, and feel good with a simple procedure. Such is the world envisioned by the innovators, and visionaries in this space.