Hair loss services and products are among the fastest-growing branches of the beauty industry. A hair loss practitioner is someone who treats clients with hair loss conditions and scalp maladies. Hair loss, breakage, itchy and oily scalp,  and scalp psoriasis are among the problems that Hair Loss Practitioners can assist an individual with.

They analyze the hair and scalp to identify the underlying issue and its severity. Instead of only treating the symptoms and using quick fixes to cover up the issue, hair loss expert will use their extensive skills to get to the root of the problem and uncover the real reason behind hair loss.

One doesn’t have to acquire a cosmetology or barber license to become a hair loss expert, however, it is highly recommended to become a licensed beauty professional before undertaking the task of learning and practicing trichology. Once you’ve become licensed you can enroll in a reputable certification program, such as the Certified Trichologist program offered by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases (this program is exclusive to licensed cosmetologists and barbers only).

Choosing a school that will provide you with a thorough understanding of the science-based information and practical skills you can use to assist your clients is crucial. A sufficient program should last for more than a year; those that make lofty claims but are only a few days or weeks long will usually only provide you fragments of knowledge without giving real, substantial, or sustainable benefits.

How do they treat hair loss problems?

A Certified Trichologist is a paramedical expert who bridges the gap between dermatology and cosmetology. Various assessments (scalp analysis, health, and lifestyle assessment, vitamin and nutritional evaluation, blood diagnostic recommendations, etc.) are performed on clients when they see a trichologist to ascertain the truth about their condition.

Because Certified Trichologists are not medical doctors they lack licensing to perform blood testing, prescribe medications, perform biopsies, and provide diagnoses. So, to protect the client’s best interest and avoid any illegal practice they partner with medical professionals to assist with handling these functions.

Are they also called trichologists?

If you work as a hairdresser, you’ve probably encountered customers with scalp conditions. You probably didn’t know what to recommend as a viable solution. You should be aware that you aren’t alone in feeling this way; most of your fellow colleagues share this sentiment, and clients sometimes spend years trying in vain to find a lasting solution.

To become a holistic hair loss specialist, you must first decide to assist your customers in overcoming their hair loss problems. The second step is enrolling in an intensive certification course, which will provide you with the skills and resources you need to revive your clients’ hair. This information is available through a certification program and excellent mentoring from knowledgeable trichologists.

Your certification, credible evidence of your knowledge and ability in this field, will await you once you have finished the program. You should anticipate significant changes in your practice as both your clients and colleagues come to view you as the authority on anything hair loss-related.

You can anticipate an increase in revenue of approximately $118,368 per year, according to data we gathered from hair loss specialists who completed our Certified Trichologist program and earned their certification. And that’s without putting in longer work hours or substantially growing your clientele.

In conclusion, there is only one way to treat hair loss, and that is to identify the root cause and develop a recovery strategy that addresses the imbalances. However, as a beauty professional you can’t experience all that the science of hair and scalp maladies encompasses its available protocols until you have completed a full trichology certification program. Therefore, it is essential to find a reputable organization that offers a functional trichology course that will teach you the science-based theory and practical application. If you’re a cosmetologist or barber looking for a holistic program contact the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases (AAHSD) to learn more about becoming a Certified Hair Loss Expert.