There are many causes of construction accidents. Pre-construction inspections and testing can help reduce the risk of an accident, but accidents happen nonetheless. The four main causes of construction accidents are: electrocution, falls from heights, slips and trips, and incidents with equipment and heavy machinery. If you want to minimize your risk in the workplace and ensure your safety throughout construction worksite operations, then you need to be aware of these contributing factors.

Safety precautions are often implemented to prevent these sorts of construction accidents. However, this is not always the case. Construction sites are busy and dangerous places where many things can go wrong. People need to be extra vigilant and take precautions whilst on the job.

1. Electrocution Accidents

So much equipment and machinery are plugged into an electrical supply that it’s almost impossible to avoid exposure. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get electrocuted. Electrocution happens when a person’s body comes in contact with an electrical line. It results in a shock that causes the muscles to contract and can cause intense pain.

Electrocution accidents can be fatal, so it’s essential to be aware of the risks and ensure you follow safety procedures at all times. Many construction companies have safety plans to minimize the risk of electrocution. The most important thing for anyone working on construction sites is to wear the proper safety gear.

2. Falls From Heights

Defects in the structure can cause falls from high heights, the materials used, and even if a worker is careless. The best way to prevent falls from elevated heights is to work safely.

Many safety precautions should be taken before starting construction work if you are on a construction site. Safety inspections are required before beginning any construction work. Check all the safety equipment and inspect it periodically to ensure it’s working correctly.

Falls from heights are one of construction’s most common causes of workplace fatalities. A victim can fall from as low as 10 feet, so it does not take a very high elevation to result in serious injuries. Falls from heights can happen when: the equipment used is not properly maintained and inspected, workers working on the ground are not adequately trained, scaffolds are not properly constructed or maintained, and workers do not use proper safety equipment like harnesses.

One of the most important safety measures you should take is to ensure that all workers are fitted with proper harnesses and equipment. This will reduce the risk of falls and allow individuals to work more comfortably while at the work site.

3. Slip and Falls

Slip and trip accidents are common on construction sites. They can be caused when an individual is wearing improper footwear, or their footwear is not correctly maintained. Workers should wear boots or shoes with excellent grip to avoid slips, trips, or falls. Construction workers also need to be careful when walking over wet surfaces as this can cause them to lose their balance and fall.

Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is when workers do not clean up areas where debris and dirt have fallen. They should use shovels or brooms to clean these areas so they can safely walk on them. Paint should be used to mark these areas to prevent further slips, trips, and falls.

There is also the possibility of slip and trip accidents in poorly lit areas. These accidents can injure construction workers, so proper lighting should be provided to areas prone to accidents.

4. Incidents With Equipment and Heavy Machinery

The use of heavy equipment is a necessity when it comes to construction projects. However, the improper use and maintenance of equipment can affect the safety of workers on a site. Accidents involving heavy machinery and even vehicles such as forklifts can cause severe injuries to those working on a construction site. Injuries from equipment and machinery can happen when workers are negligent and disregard safety procedures while operating heavy machinery.

Construction sites will always be busy places where you’ll find a lot of heavy machinery on the site. You must abide by safety rules to avoid injuries and accidents. Ensure you wear the proper safety gear and follow preventive measures as laid out by your employer or supervisor.

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Construction and industrial accidents at construction sites increase due to the complexities of the fields and their environment. The medium for most accidents is chemicals, machinery defects and construction site activities. It is vital that proper safety procedures are implemented from the beginning stages of a job and that workers understand them.