Unfortunate incidents, health issues, and age-related factors may obstruct a person’s ability to interact, socialize, and perform other active daily living tasks. They adjust to their new scope and in turn become dependent, often on family members or caretakers.

The dependency can affect their mood and emotional state. This is where assistive equipment steps in. People use crutches, knee braces, CPAP therapies, and much more to overcome the complexity of life due to dependencies.

But what are these devices? We call them durable medical equipment– some may call them a blessing in disguise and others, a lifeline!

Durable Medical Equipment is a supportive device that not only turned the world of healthcare around but also turned a new page in the lives of many. With them, people feel included, social, and last but not the least, feel normal again.

Sehaaonline, an e-marketplace for healthcare solutions in the UAE, was founded with the aim: to help people live a long & fulfilled life. This leading durable medical equipment supplier makes home recoveries smoother and helps people rebuild and rediscover the new life changes – in a better way!

Let’s take a look at various medical equipment, their use, and their purpose.

What are the various types of Durable Medical Equipment?

Different health issues require different medical assistance. Let’s go through some of the major categories of medical equipment-

  • Mobility Aids – Equipment that assists in standing, and walking and provides overall independence in performing daily life activities are called physical disability aids. These include wheelchairs, medical scooters, canes, walkers, rollators, and crutches.
  • Respiratory Aids – For people with troubled breathing, oxygen therapy products like oxygen concentrators, cylinders, nebulizers, CPAP, BiPAP machines, and other related accessories are used. These helped many during the CoronaVirus outbreak in 2020.
  • Active Daily Living Aids – To promote a routine life for the elderly troubled with disabled motor skills, ADLs are used. These appliances are a group of useful aids like gripped cutlery, dressing aids, writing aids, bathing accessories & more to name a few.
  • Fitness & Physiotherapy Supports – These include braces, supports, and physiotherapy-related products like CPM machines (for lower limbs). They are mainly beneficial in post-operative care.
  • Compression Garments – Compression wear like stockings and garments are used in post surgeries. They promote faster healing and better blood circulation.
  • Education & Learning for Special Need Children – To support the special ones, sometimes external learning aids are used. These are learning assistive devices that help in educating precious minds. One such innovation is an intelligent keyboard & mouse, called ‘Key-X’, that connects to any device and helps the special child/adult to learn.

Sehaaonline provides medical devices across all the mentioned health domains from global leading brands like Rehamo, TheraBand, Apex, Drive Medical, Key2Enable, and many more.

One can browse through various categories and discover solutions based on the disease/sickness to make the right choice.

Unraveling the benefits

The right help at the right time is no less than a new beginning.

Medical equipment can help cope with health issues like disabilities, chronic illnesses, diseases, etc. They help in fast rehabilitation and recovery. Along with physical improvements, they also help to improve mental health.

Medical equipment helps children with special needs, the elderly, the disabled or physically troubled, bariatric & those undergoing intensive surgeries take a journey toward better health & safety.

Affordability – to Buy or to Rent?

It is a well-known fact that investing in medical equipment can be an expensive affair.

But there are always convenient payment options available that can help ease the burden! With Sehaaonline, you can choose to pay the entire amount at once or over 3 monthly, interest-free installments.

Renting is best beneficial when you have short-term requirements.

Sehaasouq.com, the UAE’s first-ever e-marketplace for renting new & old medical equipment is Sehaaonline’s sister concern. Not only will you find the lowest prices here but also flexible renting options on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Sehaasouq also runs a ‘Donation Drive’ where you can donate your used, durable medical products, or sell them at the apt price. Their team makes the process even more convenient with a doorstep pick-up service!

Wrapping Up

Health is precious; it demands constant care, support, and guidance. Although it only becomes the most valued thing in sickness.

One needs the right guidance, thought, support, and medical assistance to live freely, safely, and most important, happily.

With companies like Sehaaonline, you can rest assured about your health.