Fitness software has become one of the basic needs for health organizations like gyms, and clubs as well as for personal trainers. It doesn’t matter at all whether you are training your clients online or offline. You always have to schedule and get things together to manage your routine work. You have to schedule meetings, PT reservations, and other arrangements which take time. Organizing such tasks professionally helps you to get outstanding outputs.

There is a diverse range of online scheduling software for personal trainers which can save their time and release the stress of managing all of their gym activities. To learn whether gym scheduling software is really helpful in simplifying daily operations, let’s take a closer look at the facts.

Manage Everyday Scheduling Operations With Ease

With fitness software, you can manage your everyday scheduling operations with great ease and efficiency. This software can help you plan and track your fitness activities so that you can stay on top of your fitness goals. With this software, you can also monitor your progress and see how well you are doing. MevoLife software is one such software specifically designed to manage routine operations in a gym automatically to save you time. Let’s get started with key features which are helpful in making daily operations easy.

  • Emails and SMS service are quite helpful in this scheduling software to communicate with clients.
  • You can make and track online transactions or deposits.
  • This online software keeps a record of all gym equipment and other tools used for health purposes.
  • Moreover, you can link it with different computer tools like calendars for certain reminders.

Keep a Record Of Training Sessions

This is one of the important features of online scheduling software. The ability to keep track of all training sessions makes it worth buying for trainers and gym owners. Because your business is all about training the clients and improving their health. Therefore, you should be aware of your client’s progress by keeping track of training sessions as well as analyzing their performance of your clients.

Likewise, you can schedule the time duration as well as the number of days of each training session and make changes whenever you need. To make the training sessions effective, make sure of having a track of previous and current training sessions. Both gym trainers and clients can set their flexible time intervals for the workouts.

Client Management

Online scheduling software for personal trainers can store the personal details of the clients. In other words, gym trainers can check their clients’ class attendance history, payment receipts as well as assigned tasks. This feature is beneficial for trainers who prefer to train their clients one-on-one.

The client management feature facilitates gym owners by providing access to their clients and other management activities. So this software is quite helpful in making your daily operations streamlined.

Payment Management

There are multiple modes of payment in gym scheduling software. You can collect payments from both online and offline modes. Simply share a quick link to the specific service with the client. And the client can pay through different payment gateways like Card, Wire, ACH payments, Wallet, or through online banking. The client will receive an invoice automatically once payment has been received. The software also maintains a detailed payment ledger.

Moreover, it verifies the fully secure payment methods and continuously monitors and prevents possible fraud all the time.

Membership Management

Using the gym scheduling software, you can set different membership plans to attract your clients. Further, there is an option for both one-to-one and group membership plans to grow your business. There could be personal, weekly, and monthly membership sessions. The best part is that you can monitor the client’s progress and change the plan accordingly. You can easily schedule various membership plans and make offers to benefit the members.

Booking Management

By booking the appointments and scheduling the daily operations online, you save considerable time compared to booking in person. So the scheduling software for personal trainers offers automated booking sessions for clients. Simply book your sessions, accept or cancel booking requests and schedule your work slots. There are also options of the single, group, and recurring booking to avoid repetition of the same tasks.

You will get notifications and alerts for every new booking, rescheduling, or any change in the booking sessions. You can set your availability period, holidays announcement, and class timings. It’s an automatic way to manage your schedule based on your calendar deadlines.

Coaching And Training Through Videos

The software designed for gym trainers offers coaching and training to the clients through videos and infographics. It is an easy way of learning for the clients and saves their time. Instead of reading articles and books, people prefer to watch videos.

If you are training your clients in a gym, you can set a screen there to let your customers watch coaching and training videos. But if you prefer online training courses, the scheduling software offers video coaching and training.

Following are some key features of online video coaching the scheduling software provides.

  • During a session, you can set the session to both audio or video mode
  • When the session is on, you can add and remove participants
  • Have chats with clients during a session
  • Can share your screen to show some activities keeping the clients on the same screen
  • You can record the ongoing sessions to revise them again
  • The video session is more than fun, you can react and comment throughout the     session


Streamlining and organizing daily operations play an important role to grow a fitness business. The scheduling software also helps gym trainers keep track of their clients’ schedules and progress. Also, it aids both trainers and trainees to work out according to their available time. Above all, different management operations like payment management, booking sessions, membership management, etc are all in one place.

Overall, gym scheduling software can help trainers and trainees alike by providing a more efficient and effective way to manage their time and progress.