Mental health issues are getting more focus than ever in the medical community, and by average Americans, with good reason – 50% of Americans will receive a mental health diagnosis at some point in their lives. While mental illnesses are rising, the treatment plan for individuals varies from patient to patient. Ideally, a holistic approach to mental health is most successful, so it’s essential to add other treatments to medications and therapy to resolve the symptoms and, in some cases, the illness entirely. Keep reading for the best healthcare treatments to boost mental health and well-being. 

Support Groups 

One of our greatest needs as human beings is connecting with others. With more people working from home than ever and choosing solitary hobbies, we lack the important social connections we’ve historically had. Joining support groups is an easy way to boost your mental health efforts. From groups that focus specifically on issues you’re dealing with to hobby groups in your community, you can meet your natural need for community and socialization. 

Chiropractic Care 

Our mental health can suffer when we’re not in good physical shape. Additionally, countless studies have proven that we store trauma in our bodies. By receiving routine chiropractic care, you can start feeling better physically and release some trauma your body is holding that contributes to your emotional struggles. Chiropractic care is especially beneficial in individuals dealing with anxiety and depression and is an excellent complement to medication and talk therapy. 

Rehab Centers 

Sometimes our mental health struggles are more than we can handle on our own, especially as we initially begin treatment. If you are suffering from mental health issues and dealing with them through substance use, a place like Betty Ford Center, Ocean Ridge Treatment, or Promises in Southern California are all excellent options for helping you detox and begin treatment with more help than traditional groups like AA or NA. Getting your substance abuse under control and resolved is a cornerstone to better mental health, and these centers will teach you coping skills through group and individual therapy and other healthy habits.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine 

Some people may be reluctant to take pharmaceuticals they end up dependent on, while others need complementary medicine to their regular prescriptions. In either case, alternative medicine can boost your mental health efforts tremendously. Common CAM treatments to boost your mental health are yoga for depression and schizophrenia, cranial electrical stimulation or transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression, and meditation for various mental health disorders. Other CAM treatments focus on using supplements and herbs to relieve specific symptoms of the illness. 

Electroconvulsive Therapy 

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is still widely used with promising results for certain mental health disorders. ECT benefits patients with schizophrenic syndromes, severe depression, and acute mania. While ECT has a history riddled with abuse and overuse, today, it is used in cases where the benefit to the patient outweighs the side effects. While it may take time to get rid of the stigma ECT gained in the 40s and 50’s when it was overused, ECT’s benefits can be life-changing. ECT also benefits suicidal patients who cannot wait for medication to kick in. 

Art Therapy 

Art therapy is an excellent complement to traditional treatments for mental and emotional health. The benefit of using art as therapy for mental health and well-being is well-studied and documented. Whether an individual prefers to work alone at home, enroll in art classes, or work with a licensed art therapist is up to them entirely. Art therapy doesn’t have to be limited to drawing or painting; sculpting, photography, and working with clay produce the same effect. If an individual isn’t interested in art, creative therapies like dancing, drama, writing, and music therapy can produce the same mental health benefits as art therapy. The point is self-expression through art. 

Taking care of your mental health can feel like a full-time job because you must come to the disease from multiple angles, which takes a lot of work. By adding additional treatments to your treatment base, you can potentially see results and a reduction in symptoms faster than through medication alone. Try incorporating one or two treatments to boost your mental health today.