As the world we live in continues to become more and more digitalized, is it true that technology can really make us healthier?

With the use of smartphones and smartwatches growing rapidly, there’s an added responsibility from tech companies to make their gadgets help encourage us to move our bodies, rather than have us sit staring at screens all day.

Track your activity

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are incredibly popular amongst UK citizens. The revenue of these devices is set to grow by 9.66% by 2027.

When knowing how much you move around and exercise during the day, can help you set realistic goals and help keep you accountable on your fitness journey.

Health bands use an embedded system to help track your progress easily and accurately, so you can see where and how to improve – whether that’s your daily steps or how far you’ve run.

Healthy eating

Eating healthier has been made slightly easier with the implementation of technology into our everyday lives. If you’re dieting or cutting alongside regular gym workouts, you can use smart scales to measure the exact weights of your food to help keep you on track.

Plus, there are various apps that allow you to scan barcodes on food items in the supermarket before you purchase them. The apps can then tell you the nutritional information in each product, ensuring you can track macros with accuracy.

Sleep routine

It’s important to have a consistent sleeping routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By always getting the correct amount of quality sleep, you’ll be sure to feel well-rested and ready to take on the day ahead.

Many fitness trackers can give you insight into your sleep data and cycles. They can monitor the exact hours and minutes you spend in bed, analyzing your movements and letting you know when you’re in a light or deep sleep.

You’ll begin to notice patterns about how much sleep you are or aren’t getting, perhaps encouraging you to head to bed earlier to guarantee your optimum sleep potential.

Heart maintenance

The introduction of portable technology has now made it easier than ever to try and take care of your heart. Keeping your heart healthy with help you stay well and strong for longer, and it’s especially important if you already have pre-existing conditions.

There are various apps and devices that can help monitor heart activity. For example, an electrocardiogram (ECG) can show evidence of heart strains, and this involves you wearing the device for 24 hours.

Simple fitness trackers can show your daily heart rate and offer advice on how to improve your breathing and blood pressure, too.