“The first thing we ought to recognize is that mobile is now part of the fabric — every day in everybody’s life. So, if you’re not looking at mobile solutions, then you’re not really looking at all solutions.” Mal Postings, Global CTO — IT Advisory, Ernst & Young

The upcoming year 2023 is expected to redefine the healthcare ecosystem by strengthening its core functionalities with the help of advanced technologies, scientific breakthroughs as well as other innovations.

The aftermath of the pandemic, in addition to the increased adaptation of digitalization, has radically redefined the modes of communication between a patient and a doctor. Remote patient care is now the key to an efficient healthcare system that is further expected to evolve dramatically.

As patients and care providers now look for new ways of receiving and offering care, it has now created many opportunities for entrepreneurs to readily obtain funding and capitalize on the increasing interest in the telemedicine or healthcare space.

Since it’s important to understand the market shifts and the emergence of new IT technologies in the healthcare sector for investing entrepreneurs to make better decisions, this article will help you explore all the new ways the technology will impact the healthcare industry.

The major focus of the advancing digitization in the field of healthcare is improving the quality of healthcare services offered across the world and redefining the medicine ecosystem in the foreseeable future. Understanding these new healthcare technologies trends can help care providers predict the underlying diseases while treating them effectively before they reach an advanced stage.

According to a report by eMarketer, the US healthcare industry is expected to witness a market share of $6.2 trillion by 2028, making it one of the most lucrative sectors to dive into if you wish to get maximum ROI as well as promote better care for patients across the country.

Adopting the new and trending healthcare technologies can help you improve the overall operational efficiency of your business, offer enhanced patient care as well as make better financial decisions. Furthermore, if you wish to transform your medical practice into a fool-proof business that offers guaranteed ROI, being familiar with these changing healthcare technology trends can help you identify the areas that require improvement.

Now, if you are looking to leverage these evolving healthcare technology trends and adopt these in real-life applications, a dedicated healthcare mobile app development organization can help you put things into perspective.

So, without further ado, let’s move ahead and discuss the healthcare trends that can be beneficial for your entrepreneurial venture in 2023.

5 Healthcare IT trends that will dominate 2023

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to evolve in healthcare

According to a report by Globenewswire, the advancement of AI-ML in the healthcare ecosystem is expected to witness a revenue share of $95.65 by the end of 2028. The healthcare system already features AI-infused technologies, and the same is expected to be adopted in 2023. Some of the areas in which AI is already being used in drug discovery.

The technology is used to assist in the results of clinical trials in addition to depicting the potential side effects of a drug. Apart from this, the technology is used to make an effective analysis of images which are further used to recognize the warning signs of disease. The use of AI has been successfully implemented to detect various neurological disorders.

In addition to being a supporting technology in drug discovery, AI and ML technologies have also been implemented in clerical works like analyzing medical records, safe bookkeeping, etc. The data collected from the wearables used by the patients is also analyzed with the help of various AI-powered tools.

  1. Demand for remote healthcare solutions will significantly increase

Remote healthcare boomed with the onset of the pandemic. Since then, it has been running successfully as one of the most efficient as well as cost-effective ways of caregiving across the world. The use of patient-doctor apps has witnessed an exceptional rise in the year 2022, while the market revenue for the same is expected to double by the end of 2023.

In addition to avoiding unwanted and avoidable hospitalizations, remote healthcare will allow caregivers to keep even the most chronic diseases from becoming worse, thereby improving patient care extensively.

  1. Healthcare in retail will gain significant traction

According to the reports, the healthcare businesses will now be carried out through retail centers. For instance, retailers like Walmart and CVS offer blood tests and medicines over the counter.

Most probably, these retail centers will try and double their business by offering various medical tests and screenings, thereby assisting in patient care. These retailers will further adopt cloud technologies to store extensive patient data while managing operations effectively.

  1. Wearable medical devices will gain wider acceptance

According to recent data, the wearable technology market size is expected to reach $392.4 billion by 2030. Apart from this, the global fitness app market will witness a CAGR of 17.6% from 2022 to 2028, seeing a revenue worth $15.2 billion by 2028. The devices that will capture data such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, oxygen levels, and other necessary vitals will redefine the face of remote healthcare in 2023.

The increasing adoption of wearable technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs like you to increase your revenue stream by diving into the sector. Embracing wearable technology for your business can help automate workflows and streamline business processes.

  1. Augmented reality (AR) tools will be widely embraced

Augmented reality tools are used by physicians across the globe to assist in complex surgeries and procedures in remote areas. The year 2023 will witness a sharp rise in the use of these virtual-powered tools. The AR tools will be further used in occupational therapy while redefining the face of telemedicine and other care methods. As the metaverse expands, businesses that have implemented the use of AR tools in their practice will leverage the most.

Closing thoughts

We hope you have understood the emerging trends in the healthcare IT sector and how they will impact the patient-doctor relationship in the future. If you wish to enhance your medical software system or develop a healthcare app from scratch, a reliable healthcare app development organization can help you understand the prerequisites in terms of compliance and security. We hope your entrepreneurial journey will ride the wave of innovative trends in the healthcare industry.