As a business owner, you might think workplace health and safety (WHS) is only necessary for employees. But in reality, WHS is crucial to your own business as well.

In Australia alone, more than 1 million injuries and illnesses are recorded yearly. More than 50% of these incidents occur due to a lack of workplace safety procedures.

In 2015-2016 alone, over 200 million hours were lost due to workplace accidents – this translates into $4 billion in lost productivity for Australian companies.

Thankfully, whs software australia is available today to help businesses manage this issue.

These are some of the reasons why your organization should get in touch with a WHS management company today –

1: A WHS Management System reduces accident and incident costs.

It can be costly to fix mistakes and problems if you don’t have WHS software. Businesses that need a system for tracking and monitoring accidents and incidents find it more challenging to view specific tasks’ risks accurately. This information makes it easier to make changes that reduce the risk of harm.

Employees who feel that their employer doesn’t take WHS management seriously will be less likely to engage with their work, which significantly adversely affects productivity.

2: Boost employee relations and morale

Employees who feel valued, respected, and appreciated work more efficiently. They will notice if their managers are genuinely interested in their health and safety. Even if they don’t want to participate, employees will feel more comfortable and secure knowing that the company cares about them.

A WHS software system helps keep records of all health and safety training received by employees so that it can be easily accessed whenever necessary. It helps keep everyone on track with compliance requirements at all times.

3: Boost your company’s public image and PR

The health-related accidents and injuries that become public can cause irreparable harm to your company’s public image.

Consumers are far less likely to trust companies that don’t take their employee’s health and safety seriously. Even if your company is not directly responsible for the incident, the media will attribute blame by association with any past incidents of poor workplace performance or practices within your industry.

A WHS management system is an excellent way to boost your public image. It shows that, as an employer, you care about the well-being of your staff members.

4: Amplify corporate and social responsibility (CSR)

WHS management software helps you to achieve your CSR goals. According to a recent report, over half of Australian businesses have committed themselves to CSR and aim to be “CSR-certified”.

With WHS management software in place, it becomes easier for organizations to meet all these demands while still ensuring that they are not compromising on safety standards. The system includes automated audits that help identify potential hazards early, reducing risks before they become real threats or accidents.

Final Thoughts

By the 8th of December 2022, around 150 workers had died from workplace-related incidents. The numbers are alarming but have reduced mainly – thanks to whs software in Australia. A definite workplace health and safety management system will not only reduce accident costs – but will also make everyone aware of being safe.

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