Everyone wants to have the perfect smile. However, regular tooth brushing is not enough ins some cases. There are dental situations wherein cosmetic dentistry is necessary. Just like anybody else, you may be looking for ways to improve your smile with more than following good oral care. 

There are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures you can try, but some may feel a bit outdated. Apart from looking for qualified cosmetic dentists to help you achieve a beautiful smile, knowing the recent trends and innovations can give you insights about which method may be the best option for you. This article lists some of the current trends and innovations in cosmetic dentistry.

  • Invisalign

A great way to keep your teeth appropriately aligned is using dental braces, which can take months up to two years, depending on your teeth’s original alignment. While braces are helpful, they may not be the most flattering thing to put in your mouth, especially since they’re obvious and something you cannot remove. Luckily, Invisalign is an innovation that allows you to have straighter teeth without looking like you’ve eaten something metal. 

With Invisalign, you wear a clear, invisible-like mouthpiece between six to twelve months. Depending on the process, you’ll need to replace the aligners every one to two weeks. While this process may be more time-consuming, Invisalign looks seamless. Other people won’t find out that you’re wearing one unless they get a closer look. 

  • Teeth Whitening

No one enjoys having a yellowish set of teeth, especially since they’re not the most beautiful things to look at. A yellowish tooth may be a result of poor oral hygiene or calcium deficiency, which is never a great thing. To bring back your confidence as you smile and speak, whitening your teeth can be helpful. While at-home teeth whitening kits can help, visiting a cosmetic dentist will guarantee more effective and quicker results. 

Dental teeth whitening involves using professional-grade tools and equipment that effectively penetrate through the enamel of the teeth and provide a whiter layer. The process may trigger some sensitivity issues, so this is something you need to prepare for. Don’t worry, as you can always pause the procedure whenever you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Veneers

A quick way you can give an instant refresh to your teeth’s appearance is by using dental veneers. This cosmetic dental procedure uses a thin layer in front of your teeth and gives the appearance of a perfect smile. It helps to fill in any gaps, cracks, covers, and discolorations. This should help hide any tooth insecurities.

You could have two types of veneers for your teeth: composite resin and porcelain. Going with resin is more affordable and should last for at least five to eight years, while porcelain lasts for about 15 years but comes with a higher price. Once they reach their lifespan, you’ll have to get new ones. 

  • Dental Implants

In some instances, tooth removal is the best option for a decaying tooth. However, removing a tooth from your mouth will force your other teeth to come together to fill in the gap. While this can help you achieve the look of a perfect set of teeth, it can affect your gums and jaw position as it’s moving where it’s not supposed to. This can also result in misaligned teeth, which can be unfortunate, especially if you have straight teeth. To prevent that from happening, adding dental implants is a great solution.

A dental implant is a way of drilling a screw into your gums that allow a faux tooth to attach. This way, you’re not just filling in the gaps of your teeth but also along your gums. This helps avoid dentures or braces while minimizing the risk of cavities.

  • Gum Contouring

Sometimes, even with the perfect set of teeth, over-showing of gums may distract a smile. If you have an uneven gum line or your gums are resting too high or low on your teeth, then gum contouring is an ideal solution. 

Before you schedule a gum contouring, you still need to consult with your dentist to see if it’s necessary. The procedure can be quite complex and painful, so knowing if it’s something you need or can skip is worth considering. 

  • Dental Bonding

Unfortunately, a tooth may grow too narrow for your mouth, causing gaps between your teeth. This is something out of your control, as good oral health cannot expand a tooth’s width. Having gaps between your teeth can be annoying, especially since it can affect your smile. Moreover, it can give more space for food particles to squeeze themselves into, forcing you always to check the mirror for anything between your teeth. 

Dental bonding bonds two teeth together and makes them look intact. This helps fill in the gap and void the appearance of having an obvious gap between your teeth. 

  • 3D Dentistry

One of the most exciting innovations in cosmetic dentistry has to be 3D dentistry. With this, dentists can now use 3D printers instead of traditional materials for any cosmetic procedure they need to accomplish. This helps them save costs with the material and allows dentists to move more effectively and efficiently.

With 3D printing, a dentist can create clear aligners, physical models of the entire mouth, or even surgical models for dental implants. This way, they no longer have to wait for their manufacturer to make one for them, wherein they can conveniently make one of their own. This helps dentists to work better with any dental procedure, especially if they’re planning to do something invasive, such as adding braces or dental implants.   


Today, you’d be surprised to see how many innovations and trends are getting popular in the cosmetic dentistry industry. With the need to have the perfect smile, people are always looking for ways to improve their teeth through whitening, bonding, implants, or Invisalign treatment. Moreover, there are innovations for dentists, as there’s now a more convenient way for them to make 3D models, allowing for a more efficient service. 


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