Long-Term Effects of Car Accidents

Car accidents are unfortunate events that lead to extensive property damage and severe injuries. Paying your bills and earning income might be difficult during recovery, as some injuries could require expensive, long-term treatments. 

After consulting Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. – car accident lawyer in Atlanta, they recommended taking action after suffering car accident injuries. You need to receive compensation for your losses to be able to pay the high costs of medical care.

Losing the ability to live your life as you are used to can bring many issues. You might experience long-term effects on your health and lose job prospects and wages. If you sustained serious injuries due to a car accident, the following points would help you understand the potential long-term effects of your injuries. 

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 9,550 people died from motor vehicle accidents at the beginning of 2022. The increase in car accidents strongly correlates with drivers’ tendency to drive while distracted or under the influence. 

Distracted driving has become a recurring issue on the road. Talking on the phone, texting, or spending time on social media takes away from the attention you pay to the road. In such cases, the time you have to avoid a road hazard is limited, leading to an unfortunate collision.

Furthermore, being drunk while driving significantly increases your chances of making a mistake in traffic and causing an accident. Speeding, weather conditions, and road maintenance are a few other reasons why accidents happen in the first place. 

Seek Medical Care Immediately After the Accident

When you go through a car accident, it is vital to contact the authorities as soon as possible and request an ambulance. You must request professional medical assistance immediately after the car accident, even if you think you are not hurt. Obtaining a police report documenting the circumstances will help you in court if you need to file a compensation claim or lawsuit. 

You might not experience pain immediately after the accident due to the adrenaline levels produced by the body in response to the shock of the event. Some injuries take time to be noticed: days, weeks, or even months. Having a health check done after an accident can help you prevent further physical damage, which can lead to long-term effects.

Types of Injuries with Long-Term Consequences

Depending on the accident’s severity, you might experience pain, cognitive and memory problems, loss of mobility, and other life-changing effects. In some cases, you might need assistance completing everyday tasks such as house chores or self-care. Some common types of injuries inflicted by car accidents are:

1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This type of injury will affect your life in the long run. Some potential outcomes are comas and vegetative states, memory loss, personality changes, and inability to perform everyday tasks. You could experience traumatic brain injury if you suffered a violent blow to the head, leading to brain tissue damage. If the injury is more severe, you might experience torn tissues and bleeding. 

2. Chronic Pain and Suffering

You might need to learn to cope with chronic pain if you sustained spine, head, or neck injuries. Many injuries can lead to severe inflammation and long-term back pain. Additionally, the healing process can be lengthy and painful. Suppose you were injured due to another’s negligent behavior on the road. In that case, you have the right to file a compensation claim for non-economic damages. 

3. Permanent Care for Limited Mobility

When you suffer neck and spinal cord-related injuries, your mobility might decrease. Common symptoms are migraines, tingling, numbness, pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome (caused by pressure on the median nerve). Ligaments and joint damage require a lengthy recovery period; in some cases, you might not fully recover. 

Hire an Attorney for Legal Guidance

When motor vehicles collide, they can inflict extensive damage on the passengers. There are high chances that you suffer long-term consequences, physical, mental, and financial. While you need to take time off to recover, hiring a lawyer will help you obtain compensation for the economic losses. Medical bills can reach exorbitant amounts that might be challenging to pay when you are not working. 

You might have lost wages due to your inability to perform work-related tasks, making your situation even direr. A personal injury attorney will understand the complex situation you are facing and will assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve for your damages and suffering.