Individuals with mobility issues often have trouble finding a wheelchair specific to their needs and requirements. For instance, if they do find a wheelchair that can accommodate their height and size, it lacks other essential features that offer comfort and portability. But why compromise when you can buy the Quickie foldable lightweight wheelchair?

This wheelchair by Sunrise Medical is one of the most sought-after ultra-lightweight folding manual wheelchairs with a modular design that fits and changes with the user. It is completely customizable and has up to 64,000 configurations to meet the individual’s needs.

This article reviews its unique features to show why it is the best foldable lightweight wheelchair.

Quickie Foldable Lightweight Wheelchair – Features


The Quickie foldable lightweight wheelchair is made of the same material used in rockets and airplanes, i.e., the 7000 series aerospace aluminum, and offers increased performance, reliability, and durability. It is lightweight and easy to carry and store. Moreover, the cross brace is unlike anything else. It is a four-bar welded, diamond-shaped tube that increases rigidness without increasing the wheelchair’s weight.

Q-Fit Technology

The Quickie 2 foldable wheelchair comprises standard features like armrests, footrests, side guard receivers, and much more, compliant with its patented Q-Fit Technology. This technology ensures that the chair can be folded into a compact size by detaching or swinging away the armrests, side rails, footrest clamps, and hanger latches. The wheelchair is perfect for storage and traveling.  

Adjustable Seat Width and Height

The Quickie 2 foldable lightweight wheelchair is designed to change with you as you grow. It is the only wheelchair on the market that fits the user rather than the other way around. It offers multiple customization and configuration options and enables users to find the most comfortable positioning according to weight and height.

The Quickie 2 wheelchair can fit anyone safely and comfortably through its two options; Quickie 2 (265-pound user weight capacity) and Quickie 2 Heavy Duty (350-pound user weight capacity). Moreover, it also offers wide assortments of seat widths and depths, such as:

  • 11 seat depths,
  • 8 frame depths,
  • and 13 frame widths.

JAY Cushions

The Quickie wheelchair has superior clinical seating JAY cushions that offer maximum comfort and support. JAY cushions are available in multiple types and sizes; you can find one that fits you best. These cushions help position the body, stabilizing the pelvis and preventing the skin from the risk of breakdown. JAY cushions require little to no maintenance and are long-lasting.

Unique Caster Housing, Fork, and Wheel Sizes

As stated above, the Quickie 2 foldable wheelchair is completely customizable. You can customize or choose from the various caster, fork, and wheel sizes to improve navigation and increase agility in your ride.

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

If you ask us, the Quickie foldable wheelchair is worth it. Its advanced features and patented Q-Fit Technology ensures users get maximum comfort, mobility, and agility, along with the ease and benefit of storing and traveling with it. It offers superior performance and a personalized fit, enabling users to choose from various configurations and making propelling a breeze. We hope this article helped!