It is not unusual that you are thinking about a career change and you can be sure you aren’t alone. Usually, an average worker will shift their career over five times during their entire work life. Before you attain the age of 50, you are likely to have held up to ten different jobs, and this number could rise as the work dynamics change in the future. What is feasible for the average employee today is far different from past generations.

Each day, people are adopting new working ways, including part-time and remote. The introduction of new learning structures, including online courses has made it easy for people to acquire new skills and fit in a completely new career. For instance, you can enroll in an online nursing course and make it your second career. People nowadays do not consider work as just a source of income, but the key to a happy life, that is why they look for fulfilling jobs.

Below are some reasons why people change their careers to become nurses:

  • Change of focus

Some careers do not allow you time to accomplish other life aspects. Sometimes you need time to attend to your family or pursue hobbies among other things that interest you. In some instances, you just want to travel and explore the world, yet your career duties do not allow you some space. If you are caught up in this situation, you should consider becoming a second career nurse and enjoy the flexibility that comes with this job. Nurses work in shifts and can take some time off to focus on other matters. For example, if you are deployed in a nursing home, you can work as a supervisor with family members and other caregivers so that you do not spend all your time at work. Many workers in Europe prefer nursing as their primary job because it allows them to engage in part-time activities.

  • Need for a new challenge

After working in a company for many years, you definitely have built a good working relationship with your colleagues and boss. This network provides contentment, although the normal routine sometimes becomes boring. The only way to make things better is to try a new career in nursing. Venturing into this new field is exactly what you need, and you will discover that you are more accomplished and satisfied in your work life. Sometimes a single career could make you feel so comfortable, but a new path in the nursing field will spice up things and push you to acquire new skills and knowledge.

  • Change of values

Your career can be likened to a relationship where you can grow in different directions at times. At some point especially at the start, you could be passionate about your partner, but lose interest along the way. In the same way, employees lose their passion for the company’s mission over time. Remember, your nursing career cycle takes you through different ages.

 For instance, what makes you happy at 25 may not thrill you at 40. At this older age, you want to get out of the office and work in a more relaxed environment which is to take care of patients. You are mature and patient in serving vulnerable people. As a young worker, you do not care about financial security, but when you reach 40, you probably have kids and need a better job to sustain your family. The change in priorities and values informs why you must pursue nursing as your second career.

  • Your passion lies elsewhere

Dating back to your adolescent years, your parents could have probably asked you to pursue a business degree when you quietly dreamt of becoming a nurse. While you agree to chase what your parents or counselors recommend, there is nothing wrong with keeping your dream alive. In the long run, you can follow your passion.

 Learners in schools come under immense peer pressure to choose careers that seem practical or realistic. However, the ultimate decision lies with you. Thanks to healthcare tech such as online learning, you can now pursue a nursing course from the comfort of your home. It is cheaper because you do not need to travel and pay rent in the school premises or neighborhoods.

How to start a second career as a nurse

There are many reasons why you should start your second career in the nursing field. Below are the steps to follow for a successful career shift:

  • Assess your current situation

Before you change your career, interrogate your wishes and establish whether the new career suits your passion. Analyze your current circumstances and find out whether the idea is feasible. Other factors that should inform your decision include personal interests such as family and job security.

  • Explore your interests and skills

Your new career must match your skills. Know that to become a nurse, the minimum requirement is a nursing degree. If you want to specialize in a specific nursing field, you must acquire a master’s degree. Build a skill set around this career to boost your chances of finding jobs in your desired institution.

  • Research

After identifying nursing as your career, research the industry to understand the available positions and the general job market. Research also helps you make an informed choice of your specialization.

  • Look for potential job vacancies

When you decide to change your career, the biggest wish is to find a job immediately since you must sustain your livelihood. However, the job must align with your passion. Explore and seek recommendations from your nursing network. You can also go to meetings and events and also look for job postings in healthcare centers and nursing homes.

  • Create a plan

Once you have chosen nursing as your preferred career, you should put up a plan that will guide you in your transition. Some steps within your plan will include networking, updating your resume, and polishing your skills.

  • Prepare for challenges

Shifting from one career to another is not a walk in the park. As you take up a nursing job, you should anticipate challenges. For instance, if your job search may not bear fruit within the expected time, hence you must be willing to make sacrifices. Stay focused, keep your dream alive and always remember good things take time.


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