Hospital cybersecurity crime increased by 47% last year. If you’re looking to improve your healthcare facility, security is the best place to start.

Among many other smart technologies, video analytics is one of the leading solutions helping businesses and institutions to improve their security strategies.

Keep reading to learn why video analytics is the future of hospital security and the benefits it can have for your security teams.

What Is Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a tool that can integrate with a cloud-based surveillance system. Cloud-based surveillance systems are becoming the preferred option over on-premise systems, and this is for a few reasons:

  • Cloud-based surveillance systems provide open API integrations, allowing them to integrate with other security tools and software applications, like video analytics.
  • On-premise systems require complex wiring systems, whereas cloud-based alternatives offer the benefit of WiFi and cellular communication, eliminating the need for complicated wiring maps.
  • Cloud-based security systems allow you to perform updates over-the-air, without needing to book an appointment with a maintenance engineer. You can also complete troubleshooting over the air to reduce system downtime.
  • With a cloud-based security system, you do not need to allocate storage space for servers because you can host security data on the cloud.
  • When you host your surveillance data in the cloud, you can enable mobile management, making data more accessible.

Using open API integrations, you can apply video analytics and AI-led technology to your cloud-based security camera system. The software performs the following functions:

  • Video analytics software monitors your security data for anomalies and potential threats using object recognition.
  • The tool alerts your team when an alert is triggered, notifying them of the incident via a mobile alert.

Now that you’re familiar with video analytics, we can discuss its benefits for your security strategy during day-to-day operations.

Benefits Of Video Analytics

Below, you’ll find the primary benefits of video analytics and how you can expect daily security operations to change once you have implemented video analytics in your security strategy.

Allows For Instant Response

Your security team has many responsibilities that prevent them from consistently monitoring video surveillance feed to detect a potential threat. Video analytics lets your team stay updated on potential security risks and monitor events remotely. The alert sent to their mobile device will notify them when a threat requires intervention and investigation. 

Without this integration, your security camera system would only serve to document security incidents that have already occurred. This would be helpful in a police investigation or insurance claim, but preventing the incident in the first instance would have been preferable. Video analytics allows your security team to act quickly and prevent incidents from occurring.

Remote Visibility Enhances Response

When you pair video analytics with a cloud-based security system, your security team can instantly check the surveillance footage to verify the threat from their parking lot surveillance cameras to office security cameras on a single pane of glass. Without mobile-enabled surveillance, they would need to visit the location in person to confirm the threat. 

With the ability to check security camera footage from anywhere, your team can quickly identify the severity of the incident and plan a response. Or, if the alert is a false flag, they can resolve the incident sooner without traveling across the facility.

Allows For More Productivity

If your security staff are confined to their office and must monitor video surveillance feeds to detect a potential threat, they will not be productive. And there will be a need for more security presence throughout your facility. By automating security footage monitoring, you can ensure your security staff is productive and present on-site to create more security presence in your building – which will deter potential threats.

Can Work Well With Workflow Automation

With video analytics, you can implement workflow automation effectively. When an alert is triggered, and video analytics identifies the nature of the threat, you can ensure that your workflow automation software provides accurate workflows to your team based on the threat. Integrating these technologies ensures that your workflows are automatically generated in response to threats, in line with your incident response procedures. Reducing time-consuming manual data entry tasks will improve daily security operations.

Object Recognition

If you opt for video analytics with object recognition, you can reduce the risk for your healthcare patients and staff by implementing gun recognition. With the recent uptake in violent crimes at healthcare facilities, this technology is an invaluable asset to your security strategy and the safety of your workers. It helps you to perform your duty of care for your patients.


If you’re looking for better ways to manage your security, you should consider the benefits of implementing video analytics. It automates time-consuming and unnecessary security tasks to provide more efficiency in security management and security response. Cloud-based technologies and software integrations are quickly becoming the future of security.

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