Back in 2021, the stem cell market was large enough to generate more than $16 billion in revenue every single year around the world. However, by 2027, this market is expected to reach a value of about $30 billion every year. That means that the entire industry is doubling in size in only about six years.

But what is going on with stem cells that are creating such an incredible increase in popularity? One big driver of this growing market is mesenchymal stem cell therapy.

Scientists and engineers have been working to find ways to use these powerful stem cells to help improve people’s health. These days, we now have knowledge of a long list of benefits that can come with the appropriate use of stem cell therapy. So what are these benefits, and what might they be able to do for you?

Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about the advantages of using mesenchymal stem cell therapy!

What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

People have heard about stem cells for many years, but there are actually many different kinds of stem cells. Some people have heard about adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. However, most people without a medical or research background do not know very much about mesenchymal stem cells.

When it comes to stem cells, there is this concept that certain types of stem cells are pluripotent. Pluripotent stem cells are the kinds that can transform into any other kind of cell in the body. This is the main advantage of embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells.

However, mesenchymal stem cells are also pluripotent. Mesenchymal stem cells are found in the placenta. When used the right way, they can provide many health benefits.

MSC Therapy for Joints

As promising as stem cell research has been, many people have struggled with the problem of joints. Although the whole body is complicated, it can be more difficult to get joints to heal fully after serious damage.

However, MSC therapy is showing signs of changing that. Because MSC therapy provides stem cells that can turn into any other cell, it is a good choice for healing injuries that resist other kinds of treatment.

Your body is much slower to create new versions of many of the kinds of cells in our joints compared to other cells. MSC therapy can help people recover from joint damage faster. In many cases, it also provides curative results for stubborn injuries.

The Benefits of MSC for Heart Health

Of course, one of the leading causes of death in the world is heart disease. That means that any intervention that can improve the health of the heart can potentially extend the lifespan of many millions and even billions of people. That is one reason why it is so gratifying to discover that MSC therapy can also contribute to heart health.

Most surgical practices are destructive, cutting tissues and relying on the natural healing of the body to heal them after the fact. However, these kinds of destructive surgeries can be hard on sensitive organs like the heart. Among other reasons, that is why heart surgery is such a delicate operation.

However, MSC therapy allows us to improve the health of the heart without putting it under so much stress. MSC therapy can help new heart cells to grow and replenish old ones. That improves the robustness of the heart and helps it to resist damage.

The Benefits of Stem Cells for Aesthetics

Many people are also turning to MSC therapy for aesthetic benefits. MSC therapy can help new skin cells to grow. As a result, it can help diminish some of the visible signs of aging that show up in the skin.

As people get older, their skin tends to become thinner and thinner. With a smaller barrier between the outside world and the delicate insides of the body, this can lead to a number of health problems. However, MSC therapy can help new skin cells to grow, helping to shore up any weak points in the integrity of the skin.

How Much Does Mesenchymal Stem Therapy Cost?

Stem cell therapy is a promising medical option, which has increasingly been utilized worldwide to treat a wide range of chronic illnesses. Considering how beneficial these treatments can be, how much is stem cell therapy? The cost of stem cell therapy will vary depending on the clinic, where you receive treatment, and how extensive your condition is. Generally speaking, stem cell therapy costs can range anywhere from $4000 up to $20,000 or more. It’s important to ask an experienced healthcare provider how much the treatment will cost before jumping into it; the greater the expertise of your provider, the higher quality of results you’ll likely get.

MSC Benefits for the Nervous System

MSC therapy also has many applications for nervous system treatment. This is another part of the body that is slower to heal itself. In part, this is because it is less common for the body to suffer nervous system damage.

Regardless of the cause, many nervous system illnesses are slow to heal or improve. Scientists and engineers are still discovering new applications of MSC therapy for the nervous system. However, in principle, these stem cells can help the nervous system to regrow itself when damaged.

That may mean that a long list of nervous system diseases suddenly become treatable with further research into this technology.

Combining MSC Therapy With HGH

Scientists and engineers are also discovering interesting effects of combining MSC therapy with human growth hormone.

In some ways, these two kinds of treatments go together. After all, human growth hormone is what helps our bodies to grow, and stem cells are the seed cells out of which our variety of cells grow. By combining these treatments, a special environment is created in which regrowth and regeneration are as easy as possible.

Understand the Benefits of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Although most people do not know much about the benefits of mesenchymal stem cell therapy, that may change in the coming years. More research is discovering all of the different ways that these powerful stem cells can help people enjoy improved health.

On top of that, experts are discovering all kinds of enhanced benefits that can come with combining these stem cells with other forms of therapy.

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