The Partial Hospitalization Program in Georgia is a voluntary and structured mental health treatment. The treatment consists of various healthcare providers, such as psychiatrists and therapists. At the time of treatment, you will get the benefit of curing mental health disorders and addiction treatment.

You will get the most out of the program if you attend a program with commitment. The program treats different disorders, such as major depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

About the Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program is a type of intensive outpatient mental health program. It helps in treating different mental disorders, and so treatment would also be provided based on the condition of the patient.

The duration of the program is around 4 to 8 hours each day and five days a week. However, it can be more than that, depending on your symptoms, and it can go on for up to months.  Based on your issue you can choose the time period of treatment.

For Whom Are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

People having severe mental health issues are advised to get a partial hospitalization program. They need more care, and their symptoms cannot be improved with weekly outpatient therapy programs. The patient is required to have a high level of care due to severe mental health conditions. The program is considered an alternative to inpatient hospitalization.

Requirements to Enter Partial Hospitalization Program

The patient needs to fulfill some of the requirements for entering into it. You need to make commitments regarding some specific conditions. Results can only be received if you attend the program with consistency and discipline. Here are some of the factors which decide your eligibility to participate in the treatment program:

  • Having commitment and time to participate in the treatment.
  • Supporting during the program.
  • Maintaining a structured environment and safety.

What Tasks Are Performed During the Program?

There are different tasks included in the partial hospitalization program as per your needs. The treatment activities are designed in a way that helps different patients as per their mental health conditions.

  • Group therapy
  • Educational classes
  • Care coordination
  • Family therapy
  • Skills training

How much is the Partial Hospitalization Program Cost?

The cost of a partial hospitalization program varies as per the type of program and your location. Some programs charge $300 for a day, and some may cost $1300 a day. However, it depends on various factors, including the program’s length, the number of providers in treatment, location, and other related things.

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