In the Houston area, millions thrive and go about their lives. It’s a large city with commerce and many industries. Tourists spend time there, and the locals welcome them.

Everyone there needs medical services, though, and that’s why clinics exist. These facilities can provide services the Houston area residents need. You should visit one if you need a regular checkup or have a more specific healthcare-related concern.

For comprehensive healthcare in Houston, you have several options. As you look at different facilities, though, you will probably want one that offers particular services. Let’s look at what one of these treatment centers should offer the public.  

STD Testing

If you’re sexually active, maybe you always practice safe sex. You do so for pregnancy prevention, but you also prevent STDs. If you have multiple partners, this becomes even more vital.

However, even if you practice safe sex, you can contract an STD. It happens, even if you take care. No preventative measure can prevent STDs 100% of the time. With that in mind, you should get STD testing regularly.

You can get these tests at a Houston healthcare clinic or treatment center. There, the doctors can give you a thorough examination that can detect STDs like AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and so forth.

Some people put off getting STD tests because they feel nervous or embarrassed. You should not feel that way, though. The doctors at these facilities treat you kindly and don’t judge you. If you do find out you’ve contracted something, they can tell you the steps you must take.

Weight Loss

You might have some weight you’d prefer losing, but you’re unsure how. Maybe you’ve tried different things, but you can’t shake those extra pounds.

A Houston clinic can discuss some options with you. The doctors might suggest dietary changes you can make. They can hear about your daily food intake and recommend some minor modifications.

They might mention an exercise program that matches your lifestyle and capabilities. They may suggest walking, jogging, cycling, weight training, or something else.

Getting weight loss help can point you toward a healthier body size. Obesity is an ongoing problem, but getting help is within your power.

A Yearly Checkup

Maybe you don’t have a regular doctor who can give you yearly checkups. Perhaps you had one at some point, but they moved away. Maybe you lost your health insurance if you lost your job, and you’re only getting new health insurance after months or years without it.

When you visit a Houston clinic, you can ask whether they’ll do a full medical checkup. Maybe you feel great, but you should still get a doctor to look you over at least once per year.

They can look at your heart, lungs, and everything else. They might spot a problem you didn’t register yet or one that hasn’t shown symptoms up to this point.

They may also find you’re in perfect health. Either way, you need a checkup at least once per year. When you reach an advanced age, you may even want one every six months instead.

Sexual Dysfunction

Some men experience sexual dysfunction as they age. You might also deal with it as a younger person. If so, you might feel embarrassed about that. You should know that doctors encounter the problem every day, though.

They can run some tests to determine what’s going on with you. They might suggest medication, weight loss, or some lifestyle changes if they determine stress causes your dysfunction.

Some women also experience sexual dysfunction. You might have less sex drive after a certain point, and you want a doctor’s advice.

Doctors can help couples who want the old spark back. They can suggest practical solutions and hopefully get you feeling amorous again.

Infertility Evaluations

Many clinics and other medical facilities in Houston will do infertility evaluations as well. Maybe you have a spouse or partner, and you two want children very badly. Perhaps you’ve tried conventional means, but you haven’t had any luck.

You can see a doctor and determine what’s happening there. Maybe there’s something going on with the male partner, or perhaps it’s the female one. Determining that should open up a dialogue. A doctor can discuss your options, and you can start working toward conception.

If that proves impossible through conventional means, they might bring up adoption or artificial insemination. Usually, a couple can get the child they want one way or another.