Medical care for you and your family is important. Being able to visit one single total care clinic for all your healthcare needs simplifies things and gives your family one central location to visit. Healthcare providers can focus on the health of their patients and provide complete medical care rather than meeting quotas.

The total care approach allows patients to see the same care providers for primary care, urgent and emergency care as well as behavioral health. Healthcare providers get to know patients and offer a complete care approach to patient health. The entire medical history is built on site, so providers aren’t waiting on medical records for established patients.

Here are some of the different medical services available at total care clinics like TotalCare.

Primary Care

Primary care is your regular family doctor visits. You’ll see your primary care physicians for everything from sick visits and annual physicals to immunizations and diagnostic services. Women’s exams, contraception and sports physicals are also part of your primary care. Visiting a total care clinic means you can go to one central location for all your family medical visits. A total care clinic also offers evening and weekend appointments, so you don’t need to miss work or school for a non-emergency visit. It’s a simple, holistic approach to healthcare.

Urgent and Emergency Care

People often use the terms urgent care and emergency care interchangeably when they are not actually the same thing. Urgent care falls somewhere between your primary care and emergency care. An ear ache, for instance, would be urgent care because it needs immediate attention but it is not life threatening. A total care clinic is equipped to handle urgent care needs onsite for your convenience.

Emergency care, on the other hand, treats conditions which threaten life or limb. Chest pains and head injuries are typically treated as emergency care and they require special diagnostic equipment. A compound fracture or a severed finger are also emergency care which requires specialized equipment for the care of the patient.

Emergency care and urgent care are also billed separately for insurance purposes and there are special laws which govern each. Both total care and emergency care are both available at a total care clinic which offers evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

Behavioral Health

A total care clinic may also offer behavioral health services. This is a special service because the facility can help patients aged 6 and older manage their mental health. Patients struggling with things like ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, depression, and PTSD can visit a total care clinic to help manage their symptoms. Mental health awareness is growing and it is part of a patient’s overall healthcare. A total care clinic offers a total care approach to patient healthcare.

Visit a Total Care Clinic for All Your Healthcare Needs

A total care clinic is a total care approach to healthcare. Whether you need primary care, urgent or emergency care, or behavioral health services, your local total care clinic is there to help. One centralized location and one holistic approach to your complete health is the total care clinic way.