One of the most common remedies for natural body deterioration is peptide therapy. It employs safe, non-invasive, natural supplements to reduce swelling, aid in healing, increase muscle health, and encourage hair growth. One such recent development is ACE-031, also known as ACVR2B. This compound was genetically engineered to help reduce primary muscle-wasting disorders and neuromuscular conditions.

ACE-031 is specifically known to inhibit the effect of myostatin and other muscles that limit the growth of muscles. Whether you are a bodybuilder looking to increase muscle mass or are suffering from myopathies like Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), ACE-031 is said to provide potential therapy. This post will look at ACE-031: what it is, how it works, and more:

What is ACE-031?

It is a fusion protein that is made up of the immunoglobulin G1-Fc (IgG1-Fc) and the activin receptor type IIB. When introduced to the body, it binds to myostatin and other proteins that lead to muscle degeneration, making their effect on the body inactive. Myostatin is a hormone that inhibits muscle growth and replication.

Consequently, by using ACE-031, muscles grow larger and stronger. According to research, it can help stabilize muscle mass and strength in illnesses that affect the neuromuscular system as well as primary ailments that cause muscle wasting. It is also said to have effects on fat storage, sperm health and bone metabolism.

Does It Work? Research on ACE-031:

This man-made peptide was developed by 2 biopharmaceutical companies called Acceleron and Shire. Although they abandoned their partnership and with it the development of this peptide, human studies show that the ACE-031 is effective in muscle growth. One study of overweight female subjects who were given 250mg of the peptide showed a 3% increase in lean body mass. In another study though, which involved young males with muscle dystrophy, the effects were insignificant yet had negative effects of nose bleeds and gum bleeds.

According to yet another small clinical experiment published by the National Library of Medicine, in 2013, ACE-031 was evaluated to see if it may help maintain muscle mass in postmenopausal, healthy women. In this modest study, ACVR2B significantly increased the volume of the muscles in the thighs and lean body mass after just one dose.

After the injection, 29 days later, the results were evident. But it was quite intriguing because of an unanticipated result- the subjects experienced enhanced fat and bone metabolism as indicated by their serum. This was evidence that ACE-031 likely enhances bone synthesis and restricts fat storage, despite being largely linked to muscle growth.

Currently, because of the abandonment of the study by its forerunners, there is no trusted brand that has come out as selling the product but other chemical entities are selling it online at different prices.

Dosage and Cost

Based on a mice study where they received 10mg/kg, a typical adult bodybuilder should consume around 1 gram per month. Bodybuilders who use the supplement though claim to use about 1 to 3mg per kg of body weight every 2 weeks. When it comes to cost, it is supplied as a frozen liquid formulation at a concentration of 50 mg/mL going for about $10,000.

Proclaimed Benefits of ACE-031

• Muscle Repair and Growth

It binds to myostatin and related proteins within the muscle, rendering them inactive. That said, it disrupts the inhibitory effect on muscle development. That has made it a potential solution for myopathies like DMD, a disorder that causes cardiac and skeletal muscle weakness over time.

• Improved Energy Metabolism

Because myostatin negatively impacts muscle energy metabolism, ACE-031 helps the muscles metabolize energy better. It reduces muscle fatigue by increasing oxidative capacity. The peptide is also said to increase the number of vessels serving muscle tissue, enhancing a shift in oxidative respiration.

• Improved Bone Density

Research results show that while ACE-031 boosted muscle mass, it also improved bone density. The results were substantial as well, with a 132% increase in bone density in the femur (a bone prone to damage in elderly populations) and a 27% increase in density in vertebrae.

Negative Effects and Associated Risks

Even a small drop in myostatin levels causes a noticeable increase in muscle growth, but it also implies that you will require more food to keep the muscles fed. That means that the results may lead to unintended weight gain.

Furthermore, research is blurry in the sense that, some muscles may be bigger than others. For instance, you could gain, muscle in areas you didn’t want to gain in. Another issue is that our heart keeps expanding because it is a muscle, which might eventually result in heart failure because of the confinement of this organ.

Bottomline: Is ACE-031 Worth It?

Research shows that ACE-031 has positive effects on fat storage, bone metabolism and muscle growth. The available research however needs to be explored further to elaborate on how best this peptide can be used for specific results while minimizing the associated risks. As such, the bottom line is that more work needs to be done before the peptide is fully certified for human consumption.

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