One of the most prevalent physical ailments that people of any age experience is back pain. At some point in your life, you may one day wake up with staggering back pain, especially in the lower back. There are several reasons why you could have possibly suffered from it. It can be from prolonged sitting at work, lifting heavy objects, cleaning your house, playing an intensive sport, or a wrong sleeping position.

As harmless as having back pain may sound, it can hinder your daily performance and bring discomfort for days or even weeks when left untreated. What’s worse, back pain that lasts for three months or more is already considered chronic and might lead to more severe health issues. Thus, you must know how to relieve back pain regardless of its cause.

Fortunately, several at-home remedies listed below are available to help you combat back pains that don’t involve surgery or operation. However, make sure to discuss these with your trusted doctors for lower back pain first before you apply them for the best results.

Here are the top seven smart ways to relieve back pain and save yourself from debilitating discomfort:

  1. Keep Your Muscles Moving

It may sound ironic to keep your body and back muscles moving when you’re in pain, but don’t be surprised if this is the first thing your doctor might recommend you to do. It’s a common misconception for many people that it’ll be tough to stay active or even move your muscles when you’re suffering from back pains. However, letting the pain sit while not moving your body will only worsen the discomfort. Being sedentary will only cause your back muscles to become weaker, leading to long-term back pain.

To move your muscles, try performing some light activities such as a 30-minute walk, slow wall-sit exercises, or going for a quick swim. Performing light exercises will help alleviate the stiffness and aches in your back. As much as possible, aim to perform physical exercises at least two to three times a week.

  1. Stretch And Strengthen Your Muscles

In addition to the light exercises mentioned above, it’s also a good idea to do some stretching exercises as they also help relieve back pains. The most popular method of alleviating it is doing yoga stretches, specifically the Child Pose method. This helps stretch your buttock muscles and reduce the aching tightness around your lower back and buttock area.

Other stretches you can also try may include the Cat-Cow stretch that targets the spine and the Sphinx stretch that aims for the chest and buttocks. It’s also recommended that you perform your stretches early in the morning after waking up to start your day with flexible and strengthened muscles. However, if you’re not confident about doing it or you’re older, you can do these stretching exercises later in the day so your body is already warmed up.

  1. Try Hot And Cold Treatments

You’ve probably heard about hot and cold therapy as a remedy for back pains. If you’re wondering which one of them, the best option is whatever you think works best for your pain. The type of treatment you wish to use may vary depending on the level of pain you’re experiencing. Usually, cold treatment such as ice is suitable if your back pain comes with swelling and inflammation. On the other hand, the hot treatment is best to relieve your back pain’s stiffness and tightness.

If you’re experiencing sudden but short-term back pain, you can apply cold treatment, then heat. Meanwhile, if your back pain has lasted for long or is chronic, mild heat must be applied regularly. If you’re experiencing back pain after physical activity or exercising, it may be ideal to use ice to lessen the soreness. You also have the option to buy hot and cold packs in the stores or create your own packs at home.

When applying hot and cold treatment, limit your usage to only 20 minutes and avoid using these treatments if you’re using ointments or creams on your skin.

  1. Keep Good Posture

If you’ve ever heard your grandparents or parents remind you before how posture is essential, you can say that they’re absolutely right. Keeping a good posture isn’t only about making you look good and presentable on the outside, but it’s also to keep your spine aligned and prevent back pains in the future. Your posture is important especially if you’re already living with chronic pain.

To help you keep a good posture, you can use straps, tape, or stretchy bands to keep your shoulders and back in place. Use an ergonomic chair with back support if you’re planning to work and sit for longer hours. You can also put a pillow or a rolled towel between the seat and your lower back to prevent further backaches.

In addition, modern AI-powered tools can help you find advanced back pain solutions in your daily life. Sitting too close to the screen, with a wide eye-opening angle, can result in blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain. That’s where you can use an application like Bliink to help you detect and solve problems related to your posture. The app uses sophisticated algorithms to detect if you’re sitting in the wrong position and then suggests specific adjustment techniques.

  1. Control Your Stress Levels

Everyone knows how stress can be toxic to your overall health, and that includes your back. Stress can adversely affect the way you breathe, leading to muscle tension and strain. Moreover, when people are stressed, they tend to become less active and lead a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in back pains. Thus, it’s essential for everyone to know how to overcome stress and prevent it from affecting their health.

To control your stress levels, consider making some changes in your habits. For instance, do mindful meditation instead of reclining on a couch or bed all day. Eating healthier foods also helps in reducing stress. The more you’re in control of your stress, the more likely you’ll have a healthier back and lesser risk for back pains.

  1. Use A Towel

Using a rolled-up towel and putting it under your pelvis can be a great tool for relieving back pain. Do this when you lie down, then let your hips relax unto the towel as you let your lower back release all its tension and tightness.

  1. Wear Better Shoes

For those who don’t know, your shoes can also have an impact on your back. Some women may already be familiar with how wearing high heels for long periods can bring pain not only with their feet but also their backs. However, wearing flat shoes isn’t always the remedy if you wish to get rid of back pain.

Instead, it’s about finding the best shoes that provide arch support and comfortable cushioning for your feet. Moreover, the size of your shoes is also another factor to consider when relieving back pain. For instance, wearing tight shoes will only result in foot pain, affect your walk, and put stress on your back. So, if you’re suffering from back pains, take a look into your current footwear and go for the one with appropriate cushioning, arch support, and the right foot size.

Relieving Your Back Pain

When you’re struggling with back pain, it may seem challenging to find remedies if you’re enduring it. But the thing is, the pain you feel is mostly within your control. It’s about which ways you will try and which habits you’re willing to change to feel relief. So, try out one or more of these smart tips and keep doing them until you feel better.

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