Some children have difficulty sticking with one activity for a long period of time when they are young, but as they grow, their attention spans should expand as well. However, some children can experience difficulty paying attention in school due to a number of challenges. For example, your child may have anxiety, and despite your search for a natural anxiety medication for children, they may still find it difficult to pay attention. These are some ways you can help.

Give Strategic Instructions

Children who have difficulty concentrating often cannot follow, or even remember, multiple instructions that are given at one time. Therefore, give your children directions, but focus on one task at a time. When they finish that task, provide instructions for the next. Break larger tasks into steps, and give the directions for one step of the larger project at a time.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination helps no one, and if you put things off, they become more difficult to start. You can also find it more difficult to focus if you put things off too long. The same thing happens with your children. When you don’t have them start projects right away, they procrastinate, have trouble starting and find it difficult to finish projects.

Therefore, get your children started right away, even if they only complete the first step of a larger project. Help them move through their work without delays.

Teach Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. Instead of focusing on external things, you focus on your feelings. You include breathing and visualization in this practice. It helps reduce stress and focus the mind. Therefore, this is a great exercise to teach your children.

It helps them monitor their own behavior. They can then focus better and learn how to avoid distractions. Mindfulness also works great if your children are on medication like Adderall.

Use a Timer

Timers are wonderful tools. You can use them to set breaks or time how long your children stay focused. Because they have a definite end, they create a goal your children can strive for. As your children get used to spending a specific amount of time on their schoolwork, you can gradually increase their goal times.

You can also use a timer to teach your children to wait. Waiting naturally improves their attention spans.

Motivate Your Child

Children need to know that their parents are proud of them and support them. One of the best ways you can show this is to be your child’s cheerleader. Find ways to motivate them. For example, celebrate their victories, and remind them of them when they lack motivation. You can also implement rules, rewards and consequences for behaviors. Behavior charts are also beneficial. Teach your children to enjoy their schoolwork.

Play Board Games

Board games require concentration, and their inherent competition encourages this concentration. Therefore, add board games to your family’s routine. Your children learn planning skills, how to remember instructions and how to do more than one thing at a time. They also gain the self-regulation skills necessary for increased focus.

Whether your child takes an ADHD and anxiety medication combination for a clinical disorder or is just having a little trouble paying attention in class, you can help. Learn what you can do at home to help them in school.