Lutetium-177 PSMA is gaining popularity as a metastatic or hormone-resistant prostяate cancer therapy method. The unique technique effectively reduces the tumor size, prevents its spread, and relieves  the severity of symptoms, including pain associated with bone metastases. In addition, the drug concentrates only on cancer cells and does not damage healthy tissues. Thus, many patients managed to achieve long-term remission. Over 64% of patients report a significant health improvement and a 50% tumor reduction.

Lutetium-177 therapy is available only in leading hospitals in Europe and the US. When compiling the ranking, the AiroMedical experts considered the level of medical services, the availability of alternative therapy, the narrow-profile qualifications of oncologists, and the statistics of treatment success.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for lutetium therapy

When choosing a hospital for Lutetium 177 therapy, it is worth considering the following:

  • Treatment safety standards recognized by the JCI International Commission.
  • The success rate. Countries with advanced medicine demonstrate the best treatment success. New diagnostic methods allow doctors to quickly and accurately identify prostate cancer, predict its development and choose the right therapy tactics.
  • Alternative methods. For the most effective prostate cancer treatment, a comprehensive therapy program should be available in the clinic: HIFU, chemo, radio, cryo, hormonal, and brachytherapy, as well as therapy with actinium-225 and radium-223 for patients with metastases. 
  • Non-surgical treatment methods are also available in leading clinics, for removing prostate cancer without incisions and rehabilitation, such as radiosurgery with Cyber and Nano knives.
  • The distant consultation with the oncologist. Cancer patients can discuss treatment options and studies supporting these recommendations. It can help the patient understand whether he is making the right decision.

Top hospitals for lutetium therapy in the United States 

Lutetium 177-PSMA therapy is successfully used in large and modern hospitals in the US:

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

Nuclear treatment in the US is very well developed today:

  • Regarding technical equipment, hospitals in the US are “armed to the teeth” with various diagnostic equipment and surgical devices.
  • Scientific centers are constantly working to modernize existing techniques.
  • Hospitals that use nuclear medicine receive significant government support.

Top hospitals for lutetium therapy in Europe

Some of the list of hospitals in Europe to which a patient from any country in the world can apply for radioactive isotopes treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

Nuclear medicine centers in Europe are one of the few institutions in the world offering Lutetium177-PSMA treatment. Their advantages:

  • Loyal prices, compared with the US and Canada.
  • Radiologists with tremendous experience. Many European doctors participate in international clinical trials.
  • Treatment using Lutetium 177 allows for effective therapy of even the most advanced stages of prostate cancer.

Top hospitals for lutetium therapy in Poland

Here are some in the list of hospitals in Poland that provide the possibility of treatment with Lutetium 177:

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Many advantages distinguish treatment in Poland:

  • Relatively low prices for quality medicine.
  • Highly qualified medical experts in hospitals in Poland.
  • A collegial and personalized approach to the development of a treatment plan.

Top hospitals for lutetium therapy in Italy

List of hospitals in Italy for Lutetium treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

Italy is one of the leading countries for prostate cancer treatment. It is facilitated by: 

  • Experts of international level.
  • Cooperation with global professional communities. 
  • Rapid introduction of new developments into clinical practice.

Top hospitals for lutetium therapy in Germany

Lutetium-177 treatment is available in limited quantities from the entire list of hospitals in Germany:

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Germany is the heart of cutting-edge developments in the fight against prostate cancer. It contains the best medical equipment to diagnose the disease at the earliest stage, which plays a crucial role in further treatment:

  • University clinics where unique treatment methods are available, as well as experimental therapy programs; 
  • Treatment according to international protocols. 
  • The researchers’ extensive practical experience allows them to offer the most effective treatment program.

Best doctors for Lutetium-177 therapy worldwide

Brilliant nuclar medicine doctors from leading hospitals worldwide join the fight for the patient’s life every day:

Best treatment solutions for treating prostate cancer

The best hospitals offer several effective methods for prostate cancer treatment:

  • CyberKnife. It is used in prostate tumor treatment without affecting healthy areas. Gives a good result in over 90% of cases.
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)– destroying cancer by a powerful beam of ultrasound waves that heat tissues to very high temperatures. Ultrasound is placed in the rectum. Showed positive results in 61%-95% of cases.
  • Actinium-225-PSMA. A drug that is used to treat metastatic prostate cancer. During decay, it emits alpha particles with a small impact radius. Therefore, healthy cells are not affected. Therapy is used when the patient does not respond well to radionuclide treatment with lutetium-177.
  • DaVinci robot-assisted surgery. The surgeon controls the operating process and the system’s operation. This surgical technique allows the removal of the tumor as accurately as possible.
  • Radiation therapy. Irradiation disrupts the function of cells and slows down the rate of their division. As a result, tumor size decreases; in some patients, this type of therapy leads to a cure.
  • Brachytherapy. The method involves implanting titanium “grains” – microcapsules filled with radioactive isotopes inside- into a cancerous tumor. The treatment success rate is about 90% at the primary stages.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for lutetium therapy

Thanks to the excellent tolerance of lutetium-177, a new hope has appeared in patients with prostate cancer which traditional methods cannot help. To undergo lutetium-177 therapy, you can use the AiroMedical service. Check our Lutetium 177 FAQ for more information. We are an international online platform where you can find information about the world’s leading hospitals and book a unique treatment program.

Our mission is to become your friend and guide in a foreign country and make your treatment as effective and comfortable as possible. Treatment with AiroMedical guarantees that the best oncologist will care for your health. All the efforts of doctors and medical staff, coupled with the latest technologies and treatment tactics, will be thrown at your cure.


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