Working as a travel nurse has tons of health benefits. Experiencing new places, new people, and new cultures is enough to get anyone packing their bags but did you know that doing all this also improves your health? As if you needed another excuse to hop on that plane.

Take a look at how a career in travel nursing affects your health and some scientifically proven benefits of planning that well-deserved vacation.

Reduces Stress

Stress is present in most people’s lives. Whether you have a stressful job, a stressful situation, or health issues that cause stress, it can be a silent killer. Taking a vacation abroad can help to lower stress levels. 

Too much stress can lead to a number of conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. According to research, eight days of relaxation is needed to reduce levels of stress significantly.

Increased Happiness

Happiness starts the moment you start planning your vacation. As soon as you start getting things organized you’ll notice an increased sense of joy. Having the opportunity to sit and relax or explore somewhere new and not worry about life’s responsibilities brings happiness.

In fact, some people find so much happiness in traveling they prefer to stay that way. For instance, if you’re a qualified nurse, travel nursing jobs for a change of pace are ideal.

Boosted Immune System

If you’re traveling somewhere sunny, you’ve got the added bonus of picking up more vitamin D which helps to boost the immune system. In addition to this, traveling to different places exposes you to new pathogens which help to create strong antibodies.

This means when your body contracts diseases or infections, you have the antibodies to fight them off quickly and effectively. 

Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks

One study found that travelers have a reduced risk of heart attacks. This can be because of the reduced levels of stress when traveling. However, many travelers also tend to adopt a healthier diet when they return home.

Traveling can help you to pick up healthy diet tips from locals. For instance, the Mediterranean diet is well known for reducing risk of heart problems. Along with fresh fruit and vegetables and using seasonal produce for cooking.

Boosted Creativity

Being creative is good for your overall health. There’s no denying that traveling inspires creativity. From the new sights to take in to immersing yourself in a new culture, there’s lots of things to provoke thoughts.

You may find yourself wanting to paint, write, or take photographs while traveling. Creativity is a form of release and escapism which can help with stress relief or coping with symptoms of mental health issues.

Helps Manage Depression

When you suffer from depression, it’s not something that tends to just disappear. However, taking a vacation can help reduce the risk and symptoms of depression. Those taking a vacation or traveling while working at least twice a year can significantly reduce feelings of depression.

However, it’s important to discuss any symptoms with your doctor if you think you are depressed. Your doctor can offer medication and resources to help when you are traveling and when you aren’t.

Live Longer

Traveling can help to reduce your stress levels and lower the risk of developing conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Most travelers do more walking while on vacation than they normally would at home so it helps to improve fitness levels. Exploring new places and meeting new people helps to improve brain health too.

Exercise and boosted creativity help to release endorphins in the body that are excellent mood boosters. This can be beneficial for a range of different things, from combatting depression to building healthy relationships with family members. All of these things help to prolong a person’s life.

Things To Be Cautious About While Traveling

Although traveling has many health benefits, there are also some things to be cautious about. You should always get the recommended vaccinations for the country you’re visiting. These will protect you from picking up any unwanted diseases.

You should also be prepared to protect your skin while traveling. Most people spend more time outdoors while on vacation and that can mean more exposure to the sun. It’s important that you protect your skin with UV protection. Use sunscreen everyday before going out to explore. You can also find UV protective makeup.

Be sure to research travel advice for the area you’re traveling to. If crime rates are high, you may find some tips on how to keep yourself safe from pickpockets or curfew times.

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