The high cost of medication in the United States has been a controversial topic for quite a while, especially for the nearly 1 in 7 adults who are suffering from diabetes. The annual medical costs for these individuals can go beyond a staggering $16,000.  This can be particularly devastating for those individuals without adequate medical coverage who may be forced to shoulder a significant financial burden, ration or skip doses of their medication, or in some cases even go without their critically needed drugs. Such outcomes can result in deteriorating health and even lead to death in some situations.  Unfortunately, despite their best efforts or desires, doctors in the United States have no power or authority when it comes to setting the prices of the life-changing drugs they prescribe to their patients.

Every year though, countless Americans travel to their northern neighbor in order to get prescriptions filled in Canada where they can benefit from the significantly lower drug prices available in the country. Canadian government regulations result in medications costing up to 90% less in Canada than in the United States, a huge difference that can make a real impact on those struggling to pay for their drugs.  However, except for those living very close to the American/Canadian border, traveling internationally to buy medication is not really a viable option for most US residents.

In 2020, Pharma Giant was established with the objective of enabling Americans to acquire cost-effective medications through pharmacies in Canada.  In addition to providing much better pricing, Pharma Giant is also able to help Americans get through certain drug shortages when they occur in the US. Patients can browse through a selection of over 3,000 drugs on the platform, which includes treatments for a variety of ailments including allergies, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and other medical conditions. Additionally, PG offers many generic versions of drugs, some of which might not be currently accessible in the US market.

The table below shows prices for the same drugs, comparing the rate in the US versus that at Pharma Giant:

Medication US Price Pharma Giant Price
Trulicity (4 pens) $1,050 $282.00
Humalog (1 vial) $362 $70/vial (Get 8 vials for $356)
Rybelsus (3mg / 30 tablets) $1,078 $299.79
Saxenda (5 pens) $1,612 $519.79
Eliquis (2.5mg / 60 tablets) $719 $192.75 (Generic equivalent: $77.19)
Zestril (5mg / 100 tablets) $1,503 $72.21 (Generic equivalent: $50.91)
EpiPen (2 pens) $710 $300 (Generic equivalent: $125.36)
Trajenta (5mg / 90 tablets) $1,762 $344.79
Tremfya $14,417 $3,795.53
Abilify (2mg / 30 tablets) $741 $134.79 (Generic equivalent $27.95)
Propecia (1mg / 100 tablets) $433 $90.95 (Generic equivalent: $69.95)
Rinvoq $11,915 $1,749.95

*Prices above may not represent current prices on and are subject to change.
*The US prices column is sourced from select retail store prices found on GoodRX and may also be subject to change.

What are some of the benefits for Americans that order from

A User-Friendly Patient Dashboard

After registering for an account, patients can securely make prescription orders or refills via the online portal. Patients can upload their prescriptions through a simple process on the website, email them, or send them via fax.

Door-to-Door Medication Delivery

Medication orders are processed within one business day and are delivered within 7-10 business days. Medications requiring temperature control, such as insulin, are shipped with specialized medical-grade ice packs, containers, or portable coolers (for an additional fee) to ensure their safety upon delivery.

Friendly & Supportive Customer Service

If patients have any questions, Pharma Giant’s customer support team can be contacted via a toll-free number during regular business hours, via live chat, or by email.

Discounts and Large Order Savings on Select Medications enables patients to order up to a 90-day supply of medication. While their prices are always competitive, some products are offered in bulk for even more savings. For instance, in the US, Humalog may cost $362 per vial, while on Pharma Giant, it can be purchased for $70 per vial or $428 for 10 vials ($42.80 per vial), providing a remarkable 88% discount.

Pharma Giant’s Partner Program for American Doctors

Pharma Giant (PG) introduced its partner program for American physicians in 2021 to provide their patients with affordable medications, especially for those without adequate medical coverage or access to certain drugs.

To join the PG Partner Program, US doctors fill out a straightforward application form and schedule a follow-up call with a support specialist or pharmacist to complete the onboarding process.

PG Partner Program Benefits Include:

  • FREE membership with ZERO commitments or annual fees.
  • Doctors help their patients save up to 90% on medication costs.
  • Patients can order thousands of different medications with a prescription.
  • Patients can finally stop overpaying on insulin and other medications.
  • Doctor’s get a personalized coupon code to offer even more, additional savings to patients.
  • Doctor’s receive a free promotional kit complete with a stand and an 8.5″ x 11″ customized poster.

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