What 5 Things Should You Do If Someone Is Injured?

You never know when your skills might be put to the test, but this could happen when you are in an accident, and someone nearby is injured. This could be your passenger, a pedestrian, or the driver of the other car. If you take the time to discover 5 things you should do when someone is injured, you may be able to save someone’s life. You should also talk to an accident attorney to have someone who could help you with the legal side of things. Read on to find out how to proceed.

5 Things to Do When Someone Is Injured

Be Aware of Any Danger

Before beginning any first aid, make sure that the injured people are out of harm’s way. In cases of a car accident, this may mean moving them out of the middle of the road or moving the vehicle in which they are to the side of the road. If there is anything that is obstructing their breathing, move it off them if possible.

Call For Help

Request an ambulance by dialing 911. The operator will want to know any identifying details such as the location of the accident, how many vehicles were involved, what happened, how many people are injured, and a description of the injuries if they are easy to describe. You will be informed of how soon an ambulance will get to the scene.

Check Their Vital Signs

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, check the victim’s vital signs. Make sure their airways are unobstructed. If you know how to do CPR or have an AED available, start right away.

Stop Any Bleeding

If you can, apply gentle pressure to any bleeding would by holding a clean cloth to it. Elevate any injured part, if possible, to reduce the bleeding.

Apply Ice Packs

If available, apply an ice pack or a cold compress to any areas that show signs of swelling or pain. Avoid applying ice directly to the skin. If you have any painkillers, you should ask the victim if they can take them. You do not want to risk an allergic reaction. Otherwise, wait for the paramedics to arrive to start administering first aid.

If you are dealing with burns, try to cool the burn. Also, remove any jewelry or clothing from the affected area and use a sterile dressing to cover it. Keep the injured party as comfortable as possible and reassure them that help is on the way.

If you have not had any official first aid training, this is the time to get it. You may want to reach out to the American Red Cross or any community organization that offers it. This will give you the best tools for when you should find yourself in an accident with injured victims.

5 Things Not to Do When Someone Is Injured

Just as important as knowing what to do when faced with someone that is injured, it is as important to be aware of some things you should not do in those cases. Here they are:

Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident, particularly when there are injuries, could mean that you may be charged with a crime. Take the time to assess the situation and call 911. Victims may require an ambulance, and it is also necessary to request police presence at the scene. The officers will arrive, evaluate the situation and prepare a police report which you can show to your attorney and to the insurance company.

Do Not Leave Without Gathering Evidence

Besides the police report, you can strengthen your defense by gathering evidence at the scene. Take pictures with your phone of the vehicles involved, the damage they sustained, and their position on the road. Photograph anything that may have contributed to the accident and exchange information with the other driver.

Never Admit Fault

Do not take responsibility for the accident, even when you believe it might have been your fault. The police may determine otherwise. When questioned, answer courteously but avoid speculating.

Do Not Answer Questions from the Other Party’s Insurance Company

You have the right to refuse to answer any questions, particularly if the insurance company is trying to get you to say something that may later impact the amount of compensation you receive and may also result in your claim being denied.

Never Accept a Settlement Without Legal Consultation

A skilled personal injury attorney will do the negotiations with the insurance company for you. They will help you build a strong case and put a fair value on your claim. The end result might be a larger compensation for you and the ability to cover your medical expenses and other losses, such as the funds to fix your car and other losses.


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