Fat-freezing treatments are completed by using cosmetic devices that kill fat cells. Each treatment is completed in just 35 minutes, and because the device is hands-free, you can target more than one area at once. There is also no downtime or need for recovery, as every treatment is virtually pain-free.

Cosmetic, spa tech and medical professionals can appreciate this exciting new device, as it treats patients noninvasively using Pulse Shockwave and Fat Freezing technologies. As the leading fat-freezing and body-toning device, Cryo-lean 360 breaks down fat cells to diminish body fat without harming other body tissue. Desire for wellness and beauty treatments make up the growing demand for non-surgical fat-reduction services.

As more people become interested in noninvasive, targeted fat-loss techniques, the demand for medical spas to provide fat-reduction services will continue to increase. Those interested in these services should learn about the treatment process to prepare them for what’s involved. For more information on fat reduction treatments, continue reading and learn why this fat reduction machine, Cryo-Lean 360, has become so popular in medical spas.

Fat Reduction Machine In Med Spas

Medical spas provide various services to clients that focus on aesthetic facial, body, and skin treatments. Med spas offer fat-freezing treatments via cosmetic devices like Cryo-Lean 360. Med spas are enthusiastic about incorporating these new techniques into their medical spa offerings as they allow for good business and meet client expectations.

Why The Demand Is So High

The demand for nonsurgical fat loss treatments is so high because of many motivational factors that interest clients. Factors like:

  • to address diet and exercise-resistant fat loss
  • to target trouble spots that are highly responsive to fat reduction machine treatments
  • to provide the finishing touch to a successful weight loss
  • to achieve fat loss without surgery, anesthesia, and a recovery period
  • to feel more confident about personal appearance
  • to achieve fat loss that is less expensive than surgery

How The Device Promotes Fat Loss

  • The fat reduction machine stimulates fat loss by shrinking fat cells. Even when you stick to a consistent diet and exercise routine and lose weight, your fat cells will only shrink in size; they do not decrease in number. Neither gaining nor losing weight changes the number of fat cells in the body.
  • Hot and cold therapy treatments are now common beauty and wellness treatments. Thermal shock is a process carried out via the fat reduction machine. It provides hot and cold therapy, which triggers the natural fat cell death that follows the breaking down of fat cells.
  • The slimming effects from fat reduction machine treatments are noted in 2-3 weeks, as the liver eliminates fat cells naturally. Most need between six to ten treatments for the best results.

Improving Your Practice With Fat-Freezing

With zero downtime and fast results, it is unsurprising that clients’ and medical spa providers’ demands are high for fat-freezing treatments and devices. Improve your spa and increase client satisfaction by adding an innovative fat reduction machine to your practice.