Finding the right healthcare staff can be a significant pain point for healthcare providers. Amidst daunting recruitment challenges, providers and healthcare professionals can revolutionise their hiring process with a mobile app. If you need the right healthcare staff, try to find employees on Job Today.

What is Job Today?

Captivating millions with its swift capabilities, Job Today is driving a revolution in the recruitment industry, operating as the UK’s number one hiring app. Using advanced mobile technology, this platform has helped millions find work faster, processing over 250 million applications and continually expanding.

Subscribing to the belief that 24 hours is enough to change a person’s life, Job Today strives to remove barriers, forge connections, and generate opportunities. Whether you’re looking to hire staff or seeking employment, the platform offers a platform that makes hiring candidates straightforward and efficient.

As of April 2022, the platform boasted an impressive 9,500,000 candidates, making it easier than ever for healthcare providers to find employees.

Ways Job Today Can Help Streamline Recruitment for the Healthcare Industry

Navigating the healthcare industry’s complex recruitment landscape – characterised by long hospital hours, persisting traditional methods, and over-complicated recruitment websites – can be challenging.

Here’s how Job Today’s modern, user-friendly platform alleviates these pain points, streamlining the process for employers fervently seeking to hire candidates in this fast-paced industry.

Enhanced Employer-Applicant Communication

Job Today revolutionises healthcare recruitment by fostering direct, efficient communication between hospitals, clinics, and job seekers. It expedites hiring by enabling location-based job searches via a mobile app and web-based platform, casting a wider net for recruiters to find employees in their city and beyond.

Its built-in chat and video calling features are a standout feature, which replaces the traditional cumbersome email communication.

This streamlines the process and makes it more personal and effective, especially for positions that require soft skills such as empathy and communication. Hence, healthcare providers seeking to hire employees can engage candidates directly, manage job listings, schedule interviews, and extend job offers.

Mobile-First Platform & User Profile System

Job Today transforms the recruitment experience tailoring it to the needs and preferences of the modern job market, in particular, attracting a vibrant demographic with 79% of its active job seekers being below the age of 35. It offers a mobile-first platform, perfect for young healthcare professionals looking for employment opportunities in an increasingly digital landscape.

Even better, traditional CVs and resumes are replaced with comprehensive profiles that capture a candidate’s education, work history, and even a profile picture.

This streamlined approach helps in swiftly shortlisting potential candidates, thus saving valuable time and resources for healthcare establishments needing to hire staff quickly.

Specialised Job Seeker Tools

The platform is committed to simplifying the job-hunting process, particularly using tools designed with the job seeker in mind. The app allows users to set up job alerts, ensuring they are immediately notified when positions matching their skillset become available.

This means healthcare providers can find the right candidate faster when looking for employees with a specific set of skills. In addition, Job Today’s robust user base – with millions of active job seekers and thousands joining daily – guarantees a wealth of potential candidates for every job listing.

Company Branding and Reach

Job Today goes beyond just being a platform for job listings, providing tools for companies to create detailed company pages. This gives healthcare providers the opportunity to tell their brand story, increase follower numbers, and engage directly with potential recruits.

On an endnote, Job Today boasts impressive statistics that testify to its efficacy in the hiring sphere:

  • A whopping 10 million active job seekers
  • 8 million applications every month
  • 37 million searches
  • 70% of job matches happen within 24 hours, leading to fast-paced recruitment suited to the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare industry

Final Thoughts

Job Today is a comprehensive solution to the healthcare industry’s recruitment hurdles, offering a seamless, user-friendly platform for employers and job seekers alike. But how can applicants utilise this innovative platform? It’s simple, with four easy steps:

  1. Create a standout profile.
  2. Browse jobs near you.
  3. Apply with a single tap.
  4. Chat directly with the business owner.

Jumpstart your healthcare career or streamline your hiring process today and explore the myriad of opportunities awaiting you on this platform. Visit Job Today, today!