Abhinav Shashank is the CEO and Co-Founder at Innovaccer , one of the fastest growing big data and analytics company based out of silicon valley. Innovaccer recently raised $15.6 million Series A led by Westbridge Capital Partners.

The AI Advantage: How to Improve Palliative Care in A Value-based World

Battling with chronic life-limiting illness results in extreme pain, discomfort, and physical as well as mental stress. Even when there is no permanent cure available to treat the disease, palliative care can bring some respite to the patients. It can make a significant difference in enhancing end-of-life care quality by alleviating pain and managing uncomfortable

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The Magic of Breakthrough technology: A Case of Disrupting the Pediatric Space

Children have entirely distinctive needs as compared to adults. Care is delivered to them in a manner entirely different than adults by care teams that hardly ever double-up as providers for the elderly. In fact, we hear numerous stories of organizations that transformed their care delivery by fabricating children-specific strategies and have been really successful

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